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hp printer error oxc19a0042

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How to Fix Hp Printer Error Oxc19a0042?

HP is the brand that is known for producing quality products, be it printers or computers. Incredible quality and smooth user experience are the two things that customers expect from a company, and HP has always delivered in that regard.Though it is a renowned brand and it is known for offering quality products, at the end of the day, it manufactures machines. And, machines tend to face glitches and errors from time to time. Error oxc19a0042 is one such glitch.

hp error oxc19a0042

What is the reason behind the error oxc19a0042 on HP printers?

The error oxc19a0042 on HP printers usually comes up because of faulty entries in Windows registry or wrongfully configured settings in the system. To fix the HP printer error oxc19a0042, you need software to fix the registry and tune up the system settings for restoring stability. Here is a detailed overview of the steps you need to take for fixing the hp error oxc19a0042.

Steps on fixing the error oxc19a0042 on HP printers

It is a simple seven step process that goes like this:

  • Download and install a good repair tool from a reliable website
  • Run the program when you are prompted by the account control panel
  • On launching the program, you will get a welcome screen. There will be a checkbox here for starting the automatic scan. Uncheck that box, and start installing the tool.
  • The repair tool will scan your computer to let you know the problems with your device. It will also help in hp printer troubleshooting by telling you what you need to fix.
  • There will be a ‘start repair’ option on the page that opened after the scan was complete.
  • Click on this button to start repairing your printer and computer
  • Restart the computer after the process is completed. Print something on the printer to understand if the error has been fixed.

If this does not solve the printer error, then you will have to call our Hp printer customer service number for further assistance.

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