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HP Laserjet PRO M1132 Error Code E8


When you get e8 error light in your HP laserjet pro m1132, it refers to the issue with scanner carriage. You can see the printer starts flashing. Don’t panic if you experience this error whenever carriage movement stalls. The reason behind this irregularity or error can be software-based. It can even occur when a scanner motor connection breaks in. Connecting with HP printer experts at the HP support number can be the best decision to solve this kind of issue. Or there is a break in the scanner motor connection. Standard repairs or online repair of software by experts can give you a solution to this error.

We have an experience of HP support experts who are skilled in solving error code E8 in HP laserjet pro M1132. You can talk to us 24/7 through our toll-free number.

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Solutions you can try to resolve E8 Error Code in HP Printer

The issue may have raised due to some wear and tear of some parts of the printer. There are chances that a certain amount of dust accumulation has happened on the mechanical arms and rubber rollers. These parts are highly sensitive, and any errors cause the printer’s limited movement. This issue will eventually cause stalling also.Proper cleaning and maintenance after getting an e8 error light signal are beneficial.The e8 error light signal can happen due to a lot of reasons like scanner break, printer parts’ wear and tear, dust accumulation, rubber roller related issues, mechanical arm issues, etc. For detailed troubleshooting solutions, talk to our team at HP printer customer service. You can also try the following mentioned steps for cleaning and maintenance.

Steps to resolve E8 Error on HP Printer through Cleaning & Maintenance

Following the cleaning and maintenance procedure mentioned below can solve the E8 Error with ease. But if you face any technical glitch, talk to our HP printer troubleshooting team.

  • This procedure should be done in a well-ventilated area.
  • Take HP laserjet pro M112 on a table where you can wash it properly.
  • Keep alcohol, and a cleaning rag ready to use in this procedure.
  • Gently Open the main printer cover.
  • Unlock the ink cartridge lever carefully.
  • Hold the level and pull it out properly.
  • Now unclip the printer roller, right from its holder.
  • Damp the cotton with alcohol
  • Clean the roller using damp alcohol cotton.
  • Remove the dust thoroughly.
  • Ink and any other foreign substance also get accumulated on the roller. Clean them too.
  • Allow the roller to get dried completely.
  • Please don’t be impatient while drying it, as it is a crucial thing.
  • Now once roller is wholly dried, clip it back to the printer holder.
  • Time to turn the printer sideways.
  • Remove the two nuts using jack at the back and pull out the jack.
  • There will be a black printer roller inside, clean it, along with all other parts.
  • Place back both the nuts you have taken out.
  • Ink cartridge reinstallation is the next step. Don’t forget to lock down the lever.
  • Close the HP printer and power it up.
  • If still, you get those error lights, check gears.
  • You can apply some oil on gears before closing it
  • Switch on the printer.

If you still getting issues of the HP laserjet pro m1132 e8 error lights, talk to experts at HP support number to get step by step guidance.

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