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where to find wps pin on hp printer

How to Get a WPS Pin on HP Printer

Do you know what WPS Pin is and how to find WPS Pin on HP Printer? Read till the end to learn all the insights about WPS Pin and some real quick methods of finding it. WPS is an abbreviation for WiFi Protected setup. WPS is one of the methods to connect the HP printer to your device over the wireless network by using a WPS pin. The HP printers are known worldwide as the best wireless printers due to its robustness and durability. Whether you need a printer for your home or office, the wireless HP Printers work excellently well everywhere.

The most significant benefit of connecting your HP printer to the wireless network is there is no need to worry about loose wires or frayed cables. You simply need to find a WPS pin HP Printer and enter it on your printer control panel and start to print wirelessly. Indeed, in a quest to search this WPS pin code, you will have to follow different steps as per your printer model (with a touch control panel or without it). So, let’s begin with the basics.

where is the wps pin located on my hp printer

What is the WPS pin HP Printer?

The WPS pin is an eight-digit code that your HP printer asks when you connect it to the wireless network. Overall, the WPS or WiFi protected setup is a network security standard that helps in connecting the wireless devices to the router to establish a quick connection. Another point to note is WPS setup works only with those wireless devices that use the WPA or WPA2 encrypted passwords. Apart from the WPS pin, there is one more method to connect to your wireless printer, which is WPS button. In the further section, you will also learn how to use WPS button to establish a network connection. Now let’s find the WPS pin on the HP Printer setup using different methods

where to find wps pin on Hp printer

How do I Find WPS pin on HP Printer?

There are three ways to find the WPS pin, and as per your convenience, you can use any of them.

Method #1. WPS pin HP Printer with touch panel

Nowadays, most of the HP Printers come with large touch control panels, and most importantly, you can find the WPS pin on HP printer’s touch screen. Here is how to find it.

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Now wait until your printer is ready, and its display is active.
  • On your printer control panel, click the Settings (gear) icon.
  • Now you can select the Network Setup option.
  • Choose Wireless Settings using the down arrow button or by scrolling directly on the touch control panel.
  • Further, you need to click the WiFi Protected Setup
  • Now select PIN out of the other options.
  • Your HP printer will now display the eight-digit WPS pin.
  • After that, you can access the configuration utility software or the wireless access point program and enter the WPS pin at the desired location.

Finally, you can navigate to the All Programs section on your computer and then select the HP Printer folder. Herein, locate and click HP printer setup & software and select Connect a New Printer. Now, you have successfully installed the network printer driver.

Method #2. WPS pin HP Printer without touch panel

What if your printer doesn’t have a touch control panel? Follow this section to find out the WPS pin, but before that, you should download the HP Smart App and put the A4 size papers in the feeder tray. Now here is how you can quickly find the WPS pin by printing a network configuration report.

  • Firstly, make sure to turn on your printer.
  • For three seconds, you need to press the Wireless and Cancel button together.
  • Now the power light will start flashing.
  • Now unlock your phone and make sure to connect it with the same wireless network as your HP printer.
  • Open the HP Smart App on your phone and click to add your printer in the app.
  • On the main page of the application, click Printer Settings.
  • Scroll to the Tool section and click Printer Reports.
  • Further, you need to click on the Network Configuration Report.
  • Wait for your printer to print the report and find the WPS pin on the top of it.
  • You need to use this WPS pin within five minutes as it will expire after that.

Method #3. The fastest way to find WPS pin

Indeed this method is the fastest and easiest one but doesn’t go with all HP printer models, and that’s the reason we have placed this method at the bottom. You can try the following steps to find WPS Pin HP Printer, and if it doesn’t work, then proceed to the last step.

  • Put the paper in the feeder tray and turn on your HP printer.
  • Further press and hold the Wireless & information button together for a few seconds.
  • Now your printer will deliver the Network Configuration Report, with WPS pin written in the first lines.
  • This pin is valid for five minutes, so you need to use it quickly.

Use the WPS button to connect HP Printer

WPS button is an alternative to the WPS pin method, and it also quickly establishes the wireless HP printer setup. To proceed further, follow the steps provided below.

  • On your printer control panel, click the Wireless or Settings button.
  • Now you will see the power light will start flashing.
  • After that, you need to click the WiFi Protected Setup.
  • Now to proceed further, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Next, your printer will display two options, here click the WPS button.
  • Now your printer will instruct you to press the WPS button on your wireless router.
  • Locate the WPS button on your router and click Continue on your HP printer.
  • After following all steps, your printer is ready to print.

With these steps, you can connect your printer hassle-free to get the printouts quickly. Also, using the WPS pin HP Printer can be connected to your device to print wirelessly.

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