How to Fix HP Printer not Printing Issues 
hp printer not printing

How to Fix HP Printer not Printing Issues

Is your HP printer won't print? Or is your printer delivering the faded or blank printouts? Well, such problems are common while operating your HP printers or any other printing device. The HP Printer Not Printing problem occurs due to network connection issues, outdated or faulty printer drivers, and sometimes due to empty or dry ink cartridges. Shockingly, the low ink cartridges play a minor role in printing issues.

So, if you have checked the ink in the cartridge and found it ok, you must follow a few steps to remove printing problems in your HP printer. Basic printer troubleshooting., Set your HP printer as default., Cancel all print jobs in queues., Check the printer status., Update the printer drivers and software.This guide covers all these steps in detail. Also, there are some prerequisites that you need to follow to avoid such errors.

Steps to fix HP printer Not Printing issues

Before learning the troubleshooting steps, you must be sure that your printer connects correctly to the computer over the network. Also, under the Devices section in your computer, the check connection status online. Be sure to check the network and USB cables, that they are connected and secured correctly at their places. Many times, due to small technical glitches, the printer not printing errors occurs, and that resolve immediately after restarting your HP printer. If it doesn't, then remove the power cable from your printer (keep in the printer in running state). Now, after a few minutes, connect the cable back to the printer and wall socket. Try to print; if the problem fixes, then no need to follow the further troubleshooting steps. If the problem still exists, then follow these quick and simple steps.

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Step #1. Basic Printer Troubleshooting

Check the ink levels

If you haven't checked the toner levels, open the ink cartridge access door, and safely remove it from their slots. Depending on the problem, you can remove any or all ink cartridges from the slots. Now visually check the ink within; the best way to verify is gently shaking the toner, as it also helps increase the ink flow. And if you found a critically low or empty toner, replace it with the genuine HP ink cartridge. Also, make sure to open the new toner packet while installing it inside the printer. You should never keep it open to the atmosphere as it can dry the ink and result in an HP Printer Not Printing issue. While installing, read the instructions on your printer as the steps vary for different HP printer models.

Clean the printhead

The clogged printhead can also obstruct the printing operations, and hence it needs to clean using an automated tool or manually by yourself.

Automated printhead cleaning tool: HP has designed their printers to auto clean the printheads. To run the tool, load the papers in the feeder tray and make sure there is sufficient ink in the cartridge. This process will consume a lot of ink, so you can also consider cleaning the printheads manually. On your printer control panel, click Setup, use arrow buttons to choose Tools > click Ok. Again scroll the screen using arrow buttons and click Clean Printhead > click Ok. The printer will deliver a test page; if you found the satisfying results, then abort the troubleshooting, otherwise do a second round cleaning.

Manual printhead cleaning: This process will help you save a lot of ink. However, you might have to perform a one-time automated printhead cleaning to get optimum results. Now, turn on your printer, let the carriage be at the center position. Further, open the ink cartridge access door, remove the printheads from their slots. Now take a clean cloth or cotton swab, wet with water, and gently clean the printhead. Insert them again to the slots and try to print. Still HP Printer not printing black or color? Don't worry and move to the next troubleshooting tip.

Step #2. Set your HP printer as default

The computer sends the print command to the default printer. If you have not set your HP printer as a default printing device, it will not automatically take the command, which results in Printer Not printing issues. And in that case, either you will have to set your HP printer as a default printer or select it manually every time you give the print command. To ease the printing operation and avoid such errors, set your HP printer as a default printing device. Follow these steps to do it.

  • Right-click on the Windows logo and select Run from the list.
  • Now type control in the Run dialogue box and click Ok.
  • The Control Panel section will open, click Devices and Printers.
  • Further, under the printers section, right-click on your HP Printer and click Set as default printer.
  • You can verify the default printer setting with a ✔ mark below your HP printer.

By following these steps, you will also get rid of Offline printer errors.

Step #3. Cancel all print jobs in queues

Sometimes the HP Printer Not Printing error occurs due to a large number of accumulated pending print jobs. Also known as the print queues, generates due to the failed print commands. However, you can resume the printing operation by canceling the pending files in the line. Here is how you can do it in a few simple steps.

  • Visit the Control Panel section in your computer by clicking the Windows+R keys together and type control in the dialogue box and hit enter. Alternatively, you can search for the control panel in your PC and click Ok to reach the required selection.
  • Now look for Devices and Printers and click over it.
  • Further, right-click on your HP Printer and click See what's printing.
  • After that, on the next screen, click the printer tab and select Open as Administrator.
  • Again click the printer tab, and this time choose to Cancel all Documents.
  • Now, click Yes to save the settings.
  • Send the print command from your computer and verify if the HP Printer Not Printing issue is solved. Still, the error exists? Move to the next solution

Step #4. Check the printer status

If the problem doesn't fix until now, you must check the printer control panel for the error. If it displays any message, then you need to combat that particular error and contact the experts describing the exact error. Additionally, download the HP printer assistant for Windows or HP Utility app for MacBook. These are smart applications designed by HP to detect the exact issues in your printer. Also, there is a troubleshooting tool know as HP print and scan Doctor, which can fix all printer or scanner related errors. To download it, open the Chrome or Safari browser and search for HP Print and Scan Doctor, now in the result page, click Download Now. After that, the HPPSdr.exe file will be downloaded on your computer, open it and click Yes on the confirmation window. Now, follow the on-screen instructions and install it to your PC and click fix the printing issue. The tool will automatically detect the error and fix the HP Printer Not Printing problem.

Step #5. Update the printer drivers and software

If nothing of the above steps work, then you should update the printer drivers and software. To do this action, follow the below steps.

  • Visit the website
  • Now, click Download Driver. (scroll to the bottom in the webpage to find this option)
  • Enter your HP printer model name on the next screen.
  • After that, confirm the operating system of your PC. Alter the details if needed.
  • Click to download the full package.
  • Now visit the Download location and double click installer file, click Yes to confirm the change in the system.
  • After following the instructions, wait for your computer to finish the installation.
  • The HP Printer Not Printing issue will resolve after this process. Now you can print the documents.

Dial HP Printer Helpline Number

After following these five steps, your printer will return to the working mode and give you beautiful color or black printouts. You must also download some essential applications such as HP smart app, HP Printer Assistant, HP Utility app, and HP print & scan doctor to assist you in fixing your printers. And if you still stuck with your HP Printer not printing issue, you must take the expert's help. We have a team of proficient engineers and techies who can help you quickly resolve the HP printer errors. You can immediately contact our HP support number for any assistance. We are available 24/7 for you.

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