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Third-party & Independent Service Provider

hpprinter247support is an independent and third-party support service provider. Any of our services are not directly related to the product’s manufacturer. It is because we are third-party service providers. Solutions to the issues associated with products mentioned in this website are provided by our customer service team, who are again not directly associated with the product manufacturer. All information about products, trademarks, logos, etc.mentioned in this website truly meant for showing the product’s functionalities. All the products like printer, laptop, tablet, etc. belong to the manufacturer, and we provide customer service.

Third-Party Diagnostic Software:

Third-party software is used by hpprinter247support team to identify and fix our customer’s problem. Many third-party tools are available for free, and you can try them too from official websites of those tools. Our team never charges for any free software.


We, being a third-party service provider, so we do not provide warranty-related help. The warranty issues must be discussed with product manufacturers. If your product is under warranty, the product’s manufacturer or product supplier should be the point of contact.

Regarding Remote Access To Computer:

Please go through our in the terms and conditions and review the Software Support Tool and Remote Access for complete details. Currently, our customers are not given any facility to renew any subscription automatically.


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