Has your Printer stopped working right after your Updated your Windows 10 that was rolled at the beginning of 2020, or the Printer is displaying the error when you are connecting it to a computer? One of the commonest reason behind this is your print spooler service which has got stuck, or a pending document which was waiting to be printed got locked, or you don’t have the user account that has the right to execute the print command or there is improper installation, or the Printer has got corrupter.

There can be numerous reasons behind your Printer displaying an error. And to help you better, here we have elaborated a few techniques that might be helpful for you to solve your HP printer error.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is connect your computer with the Printer and turn it one. Then turn off the Printer and wait for 5 minutes before turning it on again. This process is called Power cycling, which can quickly resolve your issue. 
  2. Now, go to the control panel of your computer and navigate to the Hardware and Sound section. There you will find an option where it states, 
  • Click on Devices and Printers. 
  • Locate your Printer and right-click on it
  • Now, at the bottom of the right-click menu, you will find the option that states “properties,” click on that
  • And then, select the right user account from the list, mark the permission checkbox, and then click on allow. 
  1. You can also try to troubleshoot your Printer. To do that:

  • Type in Troubleshoot settings in the start menu and then press enter
  • Click on the Printer and then select “Run Troubleshooter option.” 
  • Check once again if the problem is fixed or it still persists.

2. You can also try to restart your Printer’s spooler service:

    • Bring up the run box
    • Type in their services.msc
    • Find the spooler service 
    • Now, click on stop 
    • Now click on apply and then ok. 

    And if the problem still persists, talk to Hp Printer support solutions providers. You can dial our toll-free number to get instant help.