To establish an internet connection with a device, it is essential to have a “WPS”. WPS refers to “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. This acts as an intermediary and provides the connection between a router and devices such as Wireless Printers. Most of the people aren’t aware where the WPS pin is located on the HP Printer. This blog provides you with a detailed explanation of the Hp WPS pin. 

Steps to find WPS Pin on HP Printer:

WPS Pin located on my Hp printer

To get connected with HP Printer, there are a couple of ways. One is via the WPS button and the other one WPS PIN, which is a purely wireless process. Since the PIN supports only the wireless network, you cannot make use of USB cable to connect.  Let me explain to you where the WPS pin is located on the HP Printer.  Here are the seven easy steps you should take into account to locate the HP WPS Pin:

  • Turn on the HP Printer you make use of.
  • Traverse to the Control Panel section on the HP Printer.
  • Get into the section “Settings” by clicking on the Wireless button.
  • Now click on the Wi-Fi protected setup menu there.
  • Check and follow the guidelines appearing on the screen and start proceeding them carefully.
  • Click on the “PIN” option available once the PIN appears on the screen. 
  • Once you click on it, you will get a WPS PIN for your respected HP Printer. 

With this PIN, you can get started with establishing the wireless connection easily. Moreover, this is purely a safe and advanced method of connecting without any technical difficulties from your end. 

What to do if I encounter any errors or queries?

If in case you encounter any problems or have any queries with the WPS PIN HP printer, you can get in touch with tech geeks. There is n-number of solution providers who are readily available 24*7 to assist you instantly.

You can contact these certified experts to resolve your queries right from installation support to fixing errors with the electronic printers. For extended help from Hp Printer professionals, you can call our toll-free HP wireless printer customer service number . You will get instant help.