HP Laptop Cooling Fan error can occur if your laptop’s internal hardware is not properly ventilatedor there might be an outdated BIOS related issues. You will need to examine the exact reason behind HP Laptop cooling fan not working error to work upon the problem and keep your laptop away from any trouble.

Fix HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error

Fix HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error

For safe operation, the temperature of the Laptop should be within 350C and cooling fan within your laptop helps in maintaining that temperature. This small component functions to reduce the chances of any internal damage to your laptop.In this blog post, you will be knowing all the possible measures to safeguard your laptop and fix this error.

Why I am facing HP laptop cooling fan error?

There could be many reasons behind the problem, but the initial solution is to shut down your computer as soon as you watch this error message on your screen and take help of this tutorial to work upon all the possibilities. These are some reasons for this error.

  1. Vents of your laptop are blocked or clogged resulting in improper ventilation.
  2. Ambient temperature is more than recommended causing your laptop system to overheat.
  3. Outdated BIOS of laptop.
  4. Possible chances of hardware failures.
  5. The surface beneath your laptop is dusty.

These are some probabilities causing HP Laptop cooling fan error in your laptop. We have got some full proof methods to combat this problem with our quick fixes. Let’s begin

Fix 1. Shut down your computer

We have kept this at #1 spot because this is the primary step to be taken. If you will keep running your laptop then you are inviting possible damage to your laptop. Your device is costly than anything because of the data you have stored within. When the following message appears then is the need to address the issue.

  • The system has detected HP Laptop Cooling Fan not working
  • You are not recommended for Continued operation. It may cause dubious behaviour and could result in an unsystematic shutdown, loss of data or any other damage. Your laptop with shutdown in 15 seconds.
  • (90b) System fan.
  • (90f) System Fan –This is a heat removal system error.

Allow the laptop to reboot and click “Enter” to erase the message. With a systematic process shut down your laptop and follow the further fixes.

Fix 2. Cleaning the vents and check the fan

  1. Turn off your laptop and remove all wires from your laptop
  2. Here you need to check the air vents beneath your HP laptop and blow off the dust within vents with compressed canned air.Dust accumulation is possibly the major reason behind HP Laptop Cooling Fan error.
  3. Wait for 15 minutes and again turn on your laptop.Listen to fan noise if you hearloud erratic sound continuously for more than 20 seconds then is the need to adjust the power settings to maintain a temperature of 300.
  • Tun On your laptop and go to “Control Panel”.
  • Now you need to click on “Power Options” and click “Change Plan Settings”.
  • Further now you need to click “Changed Advanced Power Settings”.
  • From the poweroptions window click “Power Saver” in the drop-down list.
  • Click and expand “Sleep”, further opt for “Sleep After” and “Hibernate After”
  • Thereafter reduce the time for both the settings and click “Ok” to finish.
  • Finally, restart the computer to save the settings and if the HP Laptop Cooling Fan not working issuestill persists then continue with next steps.

Fix 3. Hard reset your laptop

Hard reset or power reset clears the information in your laptop memory without erasing any personal data of yours.This step can solve the freezing problem along with heating system errors.

  1. The first step is to Turn off your laptop and detach the power cable.
  2. Remove all devices attached to your laptops such as USB devices, printers or any other peripheral devices.
  3. Now you have to remove the battery from the laptop battery compartment door.
  4. Further, drain the residual energy by pressing the “power” button for 20 seconds.
  5. Install the battery back to the laptop and plug the power cable but do not plug anything else.
  6. Turn on your laptop now, this fix works well to resolve HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error. To use your laptop more effectively update your windows and run HP support assistant to upgrade the drivers.
Fix 4.  BIOS Update

Flashing the BIOS or BIOS update can resolve the laptop performance-related issues. Follow the below steps.

  1. To update the BIOS through device manager, search for “Device Manager” in your Laptop.
  2. On-device manager screen double click and “System Firmware”.
  3. On further screen click the “Driver” tab.
  4. Now select “Update Driver”.
  5. Thereafter click to “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  6. Now follow the on-screen instructions and complete the downloading process.

Updating the BIOS sometimes prevents the HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error from occurring.

Fix 5. Service your Laptop or replace the fan

This is the final and last step if nothing of the 4 fixes works. Better to get your laptop serviced either by yourself or some experienced technician. We recommend you to take help of the HP experts, they will review your laptop’s problem and solve any error, if needed they will replace the fan as well.


The quick fixes have to follow in their respective orders as they have tested and trial the same way to solve HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error.

To summaries, you need to first shut down your laptop as soon as you see the error message. Then proceed with cleaning the air vents, use compressed canned air for cleaning purpose. Recheck the laptop and if the problem remains the same then perform a hard reset followed by a BIOS update. Finally, if nothing works well then no need to demotivate or frustrate, HP Support is just a call away.