Ever since technology started booming with more advancement, the tech world has given people multiple reasons to stay dependable on technologies. After all, why would they not rely on technology? It has not let people down in making Bluetooth-enabled documentation a reality!

With that, it has become less demanding and more seamless to print documents from a Bluetooth-enabled computer. In this particular post, you will be reading about Windows 7 and Bluetooth printing. If you have an HP Bluetooth printer, here is the Process to configure Windows 7 for Bluetooth Printing instead of taking assistance from HP support right away.

Configure Windows 7 for Bluetooth Printing

Configure Windows 7 for Bluetooth Printing

In case your computer does not have Bluetooth, you do not need to worry. You can enable Bluetooth on your PC and install the software. You can even add a compatible printer. In this manner, if the printer goes offline because of connection problems, you can anyway get to print by sending the fundamental documents over Bluetooth.

Steps to Configure Windows 7 for Bluetooth Printing-

Enabling the Bluetooth printing or file sharing option will need you to pair with a discoverable device on your PC. You have to license to set your computer as discoverable to Bluetooth devices by following some steps. In this manner, even when it is about troubleshooting the printer problems on your Windows 7 device, you certainly can rely on the Bluetooth connectivity for all printing requirements.

Let’s see the steps which are mentioned below. To get a fair idea of the steps, keep reading on. Remember, you should not omit any step in between. Read very carefully and perform the steps!

STEP1: The first thing that you need to do is to tap on the start button on your desktop. After this, you will have to search for the option that mentions Devices and Printers and open!

STEP 2: You will have to go to the next control panel window right under ‘Devices.’ You will have to right-click on the computer and search for Bluetooth Settings from the pop-up menu.

STEP 3: Visit the Bluetooth Settings dialogue box, which appears under the option named Discovery. You will have to tick mark in that checkbox and make the Bluetooth-enabled system get discoverable to the other devices. In simple words, you will have to allow other devices (Bluetooth devices) to find the computer. Hence, you have to choose ‘Options’.

STEP 4: The next thing you need to do is to pair the mobile device or tablet through which you wish to send the print jobs to the system. For this reason, you should navigate to the Bluetooth screen of your smartphone. Then, you should select available devices and start pairing. When it prompts to pair, you should match the keys present on both ends. There, you will see an option called ‘Pair’, tap on it. Your Bluetooth pairing will take a few seconds to complete.

How to Add Bluetooth Printer to Windows7?

So, you are getting all excited to know the Process by which you can add your Bluetooth Printer to your Windows 7 device. Worry not, as this guide is going to narrate the Process now. If you own HP Bluetooth printer, the chances are that you will want to take assistance from the HP support team. But, this particular method might help you in knowing How to Add Bluetooth Printer to Windows7. So, are you ready to know the Process? Let’s move on to it now.

STEP 1: In accordance with the step as mentioned above, you know how to navigate to the option that mentions ‘Devices and Printers’. So, do it accordingly.

STEP 2: Now, you will have to type on the option that says ‘Add a printer’ present on the Control panel. Select ‘Bluetooth Printer’ from the dialog box. In case you see the printer option to be switched on, then Windows will be searching for the discoverable device. It will display it right into the dialog box.

STEP 3: Now, you will have to click on the printer and accordingly follow instructions as mentioned. Now, you are good to work with your Bluetooth-enabled printer.

This was everything about How to Add Bluetooth Printer to Windows7. Hopefully, you will now have

Summing up-

Now that you know the step-by-step method to follow and configure Windows 7 for Bluetooth printing, you can proceed accordingly. Remember, these steps are fundamental to perform. You should not cancel out any step in between. Here’s wishing you good luck for your Bluetooth printing purposes.