If you have bought a new HP printer and want to set it up for usage, you first need to install the HP printer software. If you were looking for how to do the same, you have arrived at the right place.

This will also work if you are working with your old printer but have re-installed your windows and then want to reload the HP printer software, or just looking to update the hp printer driver software on your running OS.

Install HP LaserJet Pro setup

How to Install HP LaserJet Pro Software

HP printer software installation on a PC is easy and here we have simply delineated the whole process to make you understand better. Make sure that you have connected your printer to the PC windows before going to install the software.

You can install the software via downloading from HP website or via your IN-BOX CD received with your printer package. It is recommended to choose the former method as it is easier to follow as compared with the CD installation. Also, for older printers, the CD installation might not work even if the PC OS is released or updated after the printer release.


Coming to the downloading part, there are two options available.

You can either download the software from 123.hp.com/laserjet. This will prompt a downloading tool that will scan your system and HP printer, and download the updated version of the installation software.

Or you can also use HP product support page and manually download the software to install on your windows PC.

METHOD 1: Downloading from 123.hp.com

  1. Connect your printer to the network and wait few minutes for the printer to acquire an IP address.
  2. In printers with 2-line control panels, find and press the OK button. Go to Network Setup Menu and click Show IP address.

In printers with Touchscreen panel, touch the Connection Information button.

Note down the IP address if it is shown. If not, then try to establish the connection again.

  1. Visit 123.hp.com/laserjet.
  2. Download the HP printer software.
  3. Install the software by following the installation instruction.

METHOD 2: Downloading the software from the Product Support Page

There are 2 steps in this which need to be followed.

STEP 1: Download the HP Printer Software
  1. Follow the exact above described steps to acquire the IP address of printer.
  2. Go to suppot.hp.com.
  3. Type your printer name in the SEARCH ALL SUPPORT box and hit enter.
  5. Select your printer model from the prompt option.
  6. Select your language and your PC OS.
  7. Click on the text driver-product installation software and look for your printer driver.
  8. Go through the driver details. If found suitable, download it to your PC.
  9. Finally install the HP printer software from the HP installer.

The above procedure can also be followed in case you are struggling with your printer with the outdated driver. So, you can download and update the HP printer software from here.

STEP 2: Complete your installation process using the HP Installer
  1. Select the software for installation.
    1. Click NEXT if you want to proceed with the recommended software installation.
    2. Choose customise software solutions if you want any kind of custom installation and click NEXT.
    3. If you want to access additional tools or support actions, click the more options menu or otherwise click back to return at software selection page.

In more options menu, you will find the following listings:

  • DOCUMENTATION – For User Guide of the product and other files like Warranty, Readme or Legal docs.
  • WEB SUPPORT-To access the printer’s Product Support page.

Read the installation agreement and tick the box preceding i have reviewd and accept the installation agreements. click next and a preparing to install dialog box will display.

  1. When Preparing to Install is done, click next.
  2. Now connect your printer.
    1. Select connect through a network on the connection type screen. select one of the following four options below and click next.
      1. Automatically find my product on the network
      2. Search using an IP address.
      3. Search using a host name.
      4. Search using a Hardware address.
    2. On the Network Product Found display, choose your printer from the list of options and click Next.

A message will display saying your software has been successfully installed when the software has completed its installation.

  1. On the product configuration option, review the configuration and change if you want. click next to proceed further.
  1. Configuring the Printer
  2. On the enable hp web services screen, read the information about hp eprint and hp apps and then click next.

This will open the HP EWS (Embedded Web Server).

Now enable the HP Web Services using EWS.

7. Click finish to complete your installation for HP Printer Software.

8. Use HP printer Assistant to use your printer.

So, by following above steps you can easily install the Printer software on your PC and start scanning and printing documents with HP’s Printer Management Tool called hp printer assistant that scans documents & photos, check ink levels and can be used to order supplies also.