HP printer keeps coming up with some advance features to meet the customer needs, HP printer has printing solutions for all the users and today for customers with Mac system. we have got this blog to help and understand the HP Wireless printer setup on Mac. All you need to do is pay attention to the article and follow the easy steps. 

Arrange these things in advance:
  • Network Name is SSID
  • Network Password
  • Computer should be connected to your wireless network
  • Broadband internet access is recommended
  • Printer should be placed in closed proximity with computer
  • USB cable is required

Step 1. Prepare for Printer Installation 

  1. Ensure Printer, router and computer to be switched and computer and printer should be connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Load paper in the tray, install ink cartridges and setup the printer.
  3. Type your printer model and first time printer setup, Print Enter, and then select the document from the list.
  4. USB or Ethernet cables to be disconnected from the printer.

Step 2. Connecting the HP printer to wireless network

 Connect printer using Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) so the HP installer can find the printer during installation. Refer your Router manual, to confirm if it supports “WPS push button” connection type, then follow these steps.

  • Press and hold the “Wireless” Button on the control screen panel.
  • Release the button when the Wireless light starts to blink.
  • Press and release the “Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS) Button” on your wireless router within 2 minutes.
  • Now wait for 2 minutes while the printer and router establish a network connection.

The Wireless light is on and steady, that indicates the printer is connected to the network.

Step 3. Downloading and installing the HP printer driver 

Now here you must ensure to download and install the most current version of the full feature printer software from the HP website, and follow these steps: 

  • Click the “Apple” menu and then click “System Preferences” Option.
  • Now click “Print & Fax”, “Print & Scan” or “Printers & Scanners” depending on your operating system.
  • Check if your printer name is shown in the list, remove the name and re-add the printer to confirm the communication.
  • If name is not listed, then click the + sign and select the “add printer or scanner” option.
  • Click “Use” or “Print using” menu, then select the name of your printer,Click “add” to add to the printer’s list.
  • Click “Download and Install” to complete the installation if you are prompted to install software.
  • If message displays “Software is currently unavailable”, then click the “Cancel” option, and then try installing the driver manually.
  • Process Complete now close the system preference window.

Congratulations!! After following all the above steps, you just finished installing HP Printer Driver setup on your Mac and now you can perform tasks like Print, Scan, Copy, Fax etc.