Most individuals who use a wireless HP Printer encounters HP printer offline problem every now and then, especially when the printer goes into idle mode. Even if you have been experiencing the same issue with your wireless HP printer frequently and are unable to print, you should know that the HP printer is affected with an offline error.

Make sure that you get in touch with expert technicians to Fix HP wireless printer offline error in an effective way without delaying things any further. There are several techniques to resolve the offline issue that crops up often and prevents users from printing essential documents.

HP wireless printer offline problem

HP wireless printer offline problem

Read on the following part of this article to acquire comprehensive knowledge about the key techniques that can bring an end to the issue that you have been encountering with your HP printer.

Top reasons why HP Printer goes into offline mode

Various factors are responsible for leading a wireless HP printer to go into offline mode when it remains idle for good 15 to 30 minutes. Not every user is well aware of printer technical issues, and in today’s time, several vital works come to a halt without a wireless HP printer.

Therefore, if you find that your HP Printer keeps going offline frequently, know what could be the reasons behind the issue.

Static Internet Protocol: Always remember that you are not assigning a static port to your wireless printer. The information stored on your desktop or laptop mismatch when the Internet protocol changes when you assign a dynamic port to your printer. It is one of the main reasons that cause a printer to go into offline mode when it remains idle for a few minutes.

Antivirus trouble: You could encounter HP printer offline problem due to antivirus software. Whenever antivirus software prevents your wireless HP printer from performing its actions owing to a false positive, such a technical issue takes place on a frequent interval.

Internal driver issues: Many a time, the offline problem crops up when the driver installed against an HP printer does not function seamlessly. You will witness that your HP printer will go offline every now and then if the installed driver has a severe issue and doesn’t operate properly.

Use printer offline option: If you have already selected the feature available on Windows, which lets you use the printer offline, quite naturally, you will find that your HP Printer keeps going offline. When the offline printer use option is selected, the printer only queue documents rather than printing the same.

Top steps to follow to fix HP wireless printer offline error 

The majority of the HP printer users have to deal with the HP printer offline problem time and again. They do not even know what the primary reason behind such an issue and go through a lot of hassle as their works get delayed owing to the inoperative printer.

Maximum what a layperson can do to resolve the printer offline error is to reboot the printer. Even if your HP printer keeps going offline, you should follow the steps mentioned below to fix such error effectively:

First and foremost, if you find that your HP printer has gone into idle mode and the offline error has cropped up, as usual, turn off your computer and switch it on.

  • Ensure that you have connected your HP printer accurately into your personal computer system.
  • You are not required to log in using the administrator rights and enter the ‘start’ option.
  • Make a click directly on the ‘devices and printer’ switch.
  • After the above step, select the switch as ‘observe what’s printing.’
  • Click on ‘printers’ switch once you find your printer spooler window launches.
  • After you accurately execute the above step, you have to notice the switch ‘use printer offline’ and deselect the box switch to ensure that your HP printer machine returns online from offline mode.
  • On proper completion of the above step, it is essential to turn off the latest windows and open printing machine and devices another time.
  • Open your web browser already downloaded on your computer system and download the latest printer driver file.
  • Following the on-screen steps, install the printer driver.
  • Post clicking the start option, click on the control panel switch.
  • Enter troubleshooter after going to the search bar and click on the troubleshooting link.
  • Tap the ‘use printer’ option, which you will find under hardware and sound button.

Following all the steps mentioned above will help you to diagnose the issue and resolve your HP printer keeps going offline problem effectively. You will be able use your printer hassle-free once you resolve the issue properly.