HP Troubleshooting Offline Printer Problem which arises for the first time is hard to fix. The same is the case with HP offline printer problem. Your printer may be working fine one day and the very next day when you try to print and look at the printer display, you may see a “Printer Offline” message. With some simple HP Troubleshooting offline printer problem steps you can get your printer online easily and within a short span of time.

HP Troubleshooting offline printer problems

Sometimes while printing the Pc might think that the printer is in an offline state but actually the printer is on. This may be due to an error caused in the connection between your printer and the computer. It may be a small error like a paper-jam or simply the cables may not be properly connected. However an “Offline” printer error can also be down due to some problems with your printer’s software or as we know it, the drivers of the printer. In this blog we are going to understand HP Troubleshooting offline printer problems through various means.

Methods for HP Troubleshooting offline printer problems-

Method 1: Resetting the Print Ecosystem

Its sole purpose is to re-establish the connection between the computer and the printer through the following steps:

– Firstly turn off the printer for about 10-15 seconds. Then pull the power cord out. Now turn off the computer or any other device you were about to print from.

– After that plug, the power cord in the printer, and then wait for it to power back on. If it does not do that automatically, then do it manually.

– If the printer is wirelessly connected, you need to restart your internet browser. Then pull out the power cord, and again wait 10 seconds before you plug it back in. Ideally, wait until the network activity light becomes active on the router.

– Now long-press the wireless button to turn off the wireless connection. Then turn the connection back on by pushing the wireless icon. Keep on waiting until a connection is established between your printer and the router.

– Then turn on the computer and also plug the power cord in the printer again. Give a test print out. If it works, then the printer offline issue is resolved. If not, try the next method.

Method 2: Default Printer Setting

By mistake you may have changed the settings and your default print driver. You need to verify that and then change the default print driver to the driver you originally installed and then confirm the status of the printer as online. Steps you need to follow:

– Press Windows+R simultaneously, the run window will open up. Type control printers in the search. A new window will open up, displaying the printer and devices attached.

– Then right-click on your printer that may be grayed out and set as the default printer. Give a test print out. If it works, then the printer offline issue is resolved. If not, try the next method.

Method 3: Checking Connectivity via HP Scan Doctor

In the Windows 10 and 8 version, you can download HP Print and Scan Doctor, which deals with HP Troubleshooting offline printer problems. Steps you need to follow.

– Firstly download the installer exe file from the HP website and. Then go to the download folder and open that exe. Then follow on-screen instruction and install the program.

– When the program opens the first time, hit on start and choose your printer and press Fix Printing.

– Hopefully this will fix the issue. If not then go move on to the next method.

Method 4: Try Connecting to the same Wireless Network again

Whenever a wireless printer is connected to a network, it ensures that the name of the network and the PC it is connected to is the same. Refrain from connecting to a guest network. Such as the one found in coffee apartments, local shops, hotels, etc. They may have additional security and login requirements that refrain you from connecting. 

Method 5: Try Connecting through Wireless Direct Connection

If the printer is not being connected to your network, then try using the wireless direct connection and see if that lets your printer print. You can call at our Hp customer support number to know the procedure for the same.

Method 6: Updating the Printer Firmware

An important step in HP Troubleshooting offline printer problems is updating the printer’s firmware. This might get rid of your printer offline error right away.

Method 7: Reinstalling the Printer Driver/Software

This is one of the most elongated methods in HP Troubleshooting offline printer problems. Perform it carefully.

– Take out all the USB cables attached to the printer

– Click on the Start button and search Programs and Features. Now a window will appear and in this window find your HP printer, then right-click on it and uninstall it. Follow on-screen prompts to remove it from your computer completely.