Are you looking for HP Printer Wireless Setup? HP Printer is amongst the first into wireless printing and is leading the technological advancement with some of the greatest Wireless Printing models.  This amazing technology has provided the facility to command print jobs from your phone or computer, using Wi-Fi as a connection medium. 

Add printer to Wi-Fi. This is quite easy if followed the proper way. But where to get the proper way from?  We are providing you here the comprehensive guide for HP printer wireless setup in a few easy steps. Hence get your printer out from the package and let’s begin this amazing learning experience.


  1. Unpack your HP Printer
  2. Methods to Add Printer to Wi-Fi
  • HP Auto Wireless Connect
  • WPS Pushbutton Connection Setup
  • Wireless Setup Wizard (HP printer with Display)
  • Wireless Setup with USB (HP printer without Display)

How to Perform HP Printer Wireless Setup? 

  1. Unpack your HP Printer

The first step is to safely unpack your HP printer and remove the in-box accessories which includes:

  • HP printer with paper tray.
  • AC Power adapter.
  • Ink cartridges.
  • Setup Manual.
  • How-to guide.

The accessories may vary as per the particular printer model. Check the manual that came with your printer for more clarification.

Now place your printer on a clean surface and install the ink cartridges, connect the AC power adapter to the printer, and the main socket.

  1. Methods to Add Printer to Wi-Fi

Out of the 5 methods, you can choose anyone to connect your HP printer to Wi-Fi. This process will require a stable wireless (Wi-Fi) connection and placing your printer nearer to the wireless router. Also, there should be no obstruction between the HP printer and the router.

  • HP Auto Wireless Connect

With HP Auto Wireless Connect technology there is no need to connect any wires or cables to your printer also you do not need to remember your wireless network name and password. With this technology, your printer can connect automatically with your wireless network.

What do you need to do then? You just need to install the printer driver software from website and proceed with HP printer wireless setup:

  1. Just visit the webpage from your computer (or the device which you want to connect your printer with) and select your country and printer model.
  2. Now download the printer driver software after following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Now click “Network (Ethernet/Wireless)” on connection type and then select “Yes, send wireless settings to printer”.
  4. Wait a while now, thereafter your printer you will be ready for printing application. Click “Finish” and close the application.
  • WPS Push button Connection Setup

To use this method you need to ensure that the wireless router and printer are equipped with WPS pushbutton. Also, you should use the secured WPA2 or WPA network, because without a secured network most of the WPS router will not connect to the printer.

Here is how to add printer to Wi-Fi using WPS pushbutton. If your HP printer model has WPS Pushbutton then press you will have to press the button, read the printer setup manual for the exact location of the button. Then within 2 minutes press the WPS Pushbutton on your wireless router.

If your printer does not have physical pushbutton then press the “Wireless Menu” on your printer control panel and then click “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. After following the on-screen prompts click “WPS Button” and within 2 minutes press the WPS pushbutton on your Wi-Fi router.

  • Wireless Setup Wizard (HP printer with Display)

To add printer to Wi-Fi using this method your HP printer should have the control panel display and you should know the name and password of your wireless network. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly you need to ensure that your printer is turned on.
  2. Now on your printer control panel press “Network” or “Wireless” button.
  3. Then click “Settings” in the further menu.
  4. Thereafter click “Wireless Setup Wizard”, now you will see the list of available networks.
  5. Further, you will have to choose your network and enter the password.
  6. In case you do not find your network in the list then scroll to the bottom in HP Printer wireless setup wizard and manually enter your network name.

(Remember to put the exact wireless network name and password, considering the upper and lower case)

  • Wireless Setup with USB (HP printer without Display)

If your HP printer does not have a display control panel then this method will work for you. The process will require a USB cable for temporary engagement of printer with your computer.

  1. Ensure your computer and HP printer to be connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Now visit from your computer and enter your printer model.
  3. Now follow the on-screen instructions and click “Wireless” when prompted for the connection type.
  4. Further might have to connect and disconnect the USB cable whenever asked for printer connection type, as per the instructions on-screen.


All the methods discussed here are easy to follow and can be performed on all types of HP printers. HP manufactures printers with display and some of the new models are coming up without display hence you will find this comprehensive guide useful for HP printer Wireless setup.


An additional tip is to always keep your HP printer driver software updated because keeping your device up to date automatically diagnose and debug many problems from your printer. You can visit the HP website for other troubleshooting tips and solve printer related issues. Additionally, you can contact the HP Support number for any expert help.