HP printer will not print envelopes! Hopefully, you will not need to listen to this statement after going through this article.

An aesthetically printed envelope conveys the ideas written inside, which gives an excellent impression on the addressee’s mind.Whether it’s about printing a letter for relevant business correspondence or circulating a mail to the peers, you can do it all with the HP Printers.

However, you might encounter an unprecedented error while printing the envelopes, which doesn’t look professional or not suitable for business.

HP Printer not Printing Envelopes

HP Printer will not Print Envelopes

If you are also going through the stress that your HP printer will not print envelopes, then no worries, we have researched and crafted this article with all the possible solutions. So, get ready to publishbeautiful printouts.

Points to Remember (For printing error-free envelopes)

Your HP printer will not print envelopes effectively if you don’t follow these points strictly.

  1. Always use neat and flat envelopes for printing.
  2. DO NOT use envelopes with adhesive, clips, perforations, or deep embossing on its surface. (Big cause of jam while printing)
  3. Put your envelope in the printing tray as per the top feed printer or bottom feed printer. (Check the printer manual or contact our HP support number)
  4. DO NOT put bundles of envelopes together into the feeding tray. (Use 5-6 pieces once)
  5. Use the landscape mode for envelopes width > 8.5 inches.
  6. And use portrait mode for envelopes width< 8.5 inches.

HP printer will not print envelopes! After reading this, it will.

Well, until now, you have got the basic ideaof getting rid of this problem. But to exterminate this envelope printing error, you need to read the next level fixes.

4 Golden Rules and Fixes

  1. Error: Paper Mismatch

If you are experiencing the paper mismatch error while printing the envelope sizes C6, C5 or DL, 10, this is undoubtedly a settings-related problem. You need to follow the below steps to fix it.

  • Firstly, you need to save your MS Word file and click Save As.
  • Further, you need to locate it in the desired folder.
  • Now click the box adjacent to Save as Typeand select PDF.
  • After that, you need to click Save.
  • Now navigate to the saved location and open the PDF file.
  • Further, you need to click the File
  • Now click Print and then click Properties.
  • The properties window will open and then click the Paper/Quality
  • Click the box adjacent to Paper Size and select your envelope size.
  • In the end, click Ok>Print.
  1. Envelope printing partially/Half

HP printer will not print envelopes if you haven’t set them correctly in the feeder tray. This problem generally occurs with centre-feed HP Printers.

  • Make sure not to put more than five envelopes at once.
  • STRICT NO to adhesive, clips, holes, shiny surfaces, embossing on the envelope surface.
  • To begin with, you need to expand the feeder guides to outermost positions.
  • Then place the envelopes at the center position.
  • You can refer to the instructions imprinted on your printer for printing envelopes.
  • Now slide the guideways to rest on the edge of the envelopes.
  • Gently push the sheets inside the printer.
  • Now you may try to print.
  1. Printing in the Wrong position

If your printer is printing on the wrong position or there is an alignment issue, you need to try these measures. HP printer will not print envelopes correctly if you do not adhere to these basics settings.

You will need to configure the envelope print settings in MS Word.

  • Firstly you will have to open the Word file on your computer.
  • Now click on the Mailings
  • Further, navigate to Create Group.
  • Now you need to click Envelopes.
  • After that, the Envelope Options dialogue box will open.
  • Choose the tab Envelope Options.
  • Now you can select the size of your envelope from the Envelope size
  • You can also type the size of it from the Custom Size
  • To proceed further, you need to click the Printing Options
  • Select the Feed Method imagewhere the arrow is centeredon the envelope.
  • Depending on the page alignment, select Face up / down option and click Ok.
  • Now you can type the address to be printed in the desired field and click Print.

If you still feel the HP printer will not print envelopesaesthetically, you might have to make slight adjustments in the Printing Options tab.

  1. Envelopes won’t feed into the printer

You might encounter this error if you don’t stick to the below rules.

  • Envelope Shape

A few of the HP models likelaserjet printers do not allow double flap or other envelope shapes. You need to check your printer model for alert notifications on proper flap printing.

Additionally, you should ensure not to use clips, adhesives on the printing surface at all. Otherwise, it will impact the printing mechanism.

  • Optimum Thickness

It would be best if you are more alert while printing on thick envelopes, or you should allow only two pieces a time for printing.

And if the flap is thick and small (with less area to grasp),then the HP printer will not print envelopes.

  • No Mixed input

DO NOT mix envelopes with paper in the feeder tray. You need to print the envelopes separately by following the adjustments and settings as per the previous steps.

  • DO NOT Overload

HP printer will not print envelopes if you overload the feeder tray. Also, ensure your sheets to be placed as flat as possible, else it will be difficult for your printer to pick and push the sheets for printing.


Whether it is printing an envelope or another page type, you might have to follow some basic rules for better optimization and excellent printing experience. However,these four rules will give you a hassle-free envelope printout.

And if your HP printer not printing black, you should consider checking the ink within your printer and updating your HP printer driver. You may also contact our HP support number for any query.