Many users have reported to us that their HP printer is behaving abnormally and displays an “Error Printing” alert message. Sometimes, the same notification also appears over the print queues window and doesn’t let you print. The HP printer error printing generally occurs when you update your PC to Windows 10 version. Along with printing issues, you can also face trouble with graphics, network devices, and drivers.

Printing requires several components to work together in a synchronized way, with Print Spooler playing an important role. When you send a print command, the Spooler service adds the document to be printed, in a queue. Henceforth, the default printer picks up the print job and writes it on a paper, thus providing the printout. Whether you own a wired or a wireless printer, the printing procedure remains the same. The only difference is of an Ethernet wire and WiFi router.

HP Printer Says Error Print

HP Printer Says Error Printing

As we mentioned in the beginning, the HP Printer error printing message also appears in the print queues window. That is due to an error in Print Spooler services or poor connection between the computer and the printer. Sometimes, an outdated printer driver is also a culprit to seed the error printing issue. And that happens when you update your PC to Windows 10, but the printer driver is not compatible with the latest Windows. In that case, you will have to update the drivers from the HP Support site.

Why am I facing the HP printer Error Printing message?

Due to the following reasons, you can face the “Error Printing” message.

  1. The problem with USB drivers causes an error printing issue. If your printer is working well with other computers, which means you will need to update the USB drivers. The steps are explained below in step 3.
  2. Another reason is Print Spooler jammed due to bad data, or the service has stopped working entirely. Check out step 4 for detailed instructions.
  3. Sometimes the connection problem between the printer and computer becomes an apparent reason for the error in printing. Check step 1 for a detailed process.
  4. You have updated your computer to Windows 10, and it is not compatible with existing printer drivers. Use step 7 to update the drivers to the latest version and resolve this problem.

How do I fix HP printer Error Printing issue?

To resolve this problem, you will need to follow the series of steps that involves reconnecting the cables, USB drivers, and printer drivers update, and plenty more. Let’s resolve the error printing issue and get your printer back to work.

Step 1. Reconnect the wires that connect to printer and computer

  1. Inspect the wires and cables that connect to your computer and printer.
  2. If you found them incorrect or frayed, then replace it with the new one.
  3. If you found them in fair condition, then disconnect and reconnect them appropriately to their place.
  4. Restart both the devices and check if the issue resolves.

Step 2. Verify the ink cartridges and feeder tray

  1. Check the paper in the feeder tray as sometimes your printer faces issues while picking up the pages resulting in an HP printer error message.
  2. Open the printer cartridge access door and check the ink cartridges are correctly placed in their slots.
  3. Also, ensure the ink is not dry or empty. Replace it if you found any fault.

Step 3. Fix the problem by updating USB drivers

  1. Ensure your PC connects to the internet.
  2. Open the Run dialogue box by clicking Windows + R
  3. Now you need to type msc and hit Enter.
  4. Click Allow on the confirmation window. If your PC asks for the admin password or permission, then fill the correct details to proceed further.
  5. Now the Device Manager screen opens, here click Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
  6. Look for the chipset or controller USB port driver, right-click over it and select Update driver software.
  7. Make sure not to select the mass storage or generic USB.
  8. Click Search automatically for the updated drivers.
  9. Click ok on the final window and close all tabs.

Step 4. Delete the print queues to fix HP printer error printing issue

Before deleting the print queues, you will need to stop the Print Spooler services. Following these steps, you can stop and restart the services again.

  1. Open the Run dialogue box (press Windows + R keys).
  2. Now type msc and hit Enter on the keyboard.
  3. Scroll the list, right-click Print Spooler, and click Stop in the drop-down menu.
  4. Minimize this window.

After stopping the services, now you need to clear the jam by following the instructions below.

  1. Double-click on the File Explorer to open it.
  2. Now open the C: Drive.
  3. Look out for Windows option and double-click over it.
  4. After that, choose System32 and then click Spool.
  5. Now finally select the Printers option in the window.
  6. If an alert message appears on the screen, then ignore it and click View files anyway.
  7. Now you need to select all the files and hit Delete on the keyboard.

Now the files in the print queues are deleted, and you need to restart the Print Spooler services. Maximize the Services window, right over the Print Spool, and choose Restart in the drop-down list. Now you can close all windows and verify if an error in printing is resolved or not.

Step 5. Still, facing an issue? Use the printer troubleshooter

The printer troubleshooter is an in-built tool in your Windows PC to fix some standard error in your printer. This process will restart the drivers and resolves the problem by suggesting the steps on your screen. Here is how to use this tool.

  1. Press Windows + R keys to open the Run dialogue box.
  2. Type Control and hit Enter.
  3. The Control Panel page will open, here in the search bar type Troubleshooter.
  4. Now click Troubleshooting.
  5. Click Use a Printer link found under Hardware and Sound.
  6. On the next screen, click Find and fix problems with printing.
  7. Click Next, and your system will start detecting problems.
  8. These steps will eliminate the HP printer error message.

Step 6. Use a universal tool HP Print and Scanner Doctor to fix the problem

  1. Visit the HP Print and Scan Doctor
  2. Click Download Now
  3. You will receive an exe file in your Download folder.
  4. Double-click over this file, click Run/Ok on the permission dialogue box.
  5. Now install the Print doctor tool in your PC.
  6. Open the tool after complete installing it and click Start to add your printer.
  7. After you click Fix printer problems, the software will scan your printer and suggest the tips to eliminate the error. It displays different symbols while suggesting the necessary fixes.

Step 7. Always use the latest printer drivers to avoid printing issues

To eliminate all chances of errors in your printer, you must install the latest printer drivers. Now read the instructions below to download them.

  1. Reach our HP support website
  2. Enter the HP printer model number user. Identify your device section.
  3. Click Download Drivers under Support.
  4. Verify the operating system details to get the driver installer on your PC.
  5. Visit the Download folder and look for the newly downloaded drivers file.
  6. Double-click over them and click Run on the confirmation window.
  7. Now complete the on-screen instructions to install them.

What to do when I cannot fix the “Error Printing” issue?

If you still cannot resolve the HP printer error printing problem, you must consider contacting the HP support executives. We have a team of highly trained experts who have handled this situation number of times. Sometimes for an accurate diagnosis we need to know the root cause of the problem by talking to you over the call. You can contact our HP printer support number at any time because we are available 24 X 7 to give you the best assistance and guidance.