Today, printers have become a significant part of not only office spaces but also home. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and better versions of printers with advanced printers. One of the most renowned brands of printers at present is HP. They are one of the leading manufacturers of tech that can be relied on. They are the best when it comes to user-friendliness, high-end features and durability and have pleased maximum of its users.

Fix HP Printer Ink Cartridge Problem

HP Printer Say Ink Cartridge Problem

However, the users of HP printers would know that there are some issues that are out of the capacity of the printer or its functionality. These problems are minor and might not need the aid of the HP support. One of these petty yet annoying issues is an Hp printer Ink Cartridge Problem.

When do you know that your printer has a cartridge issue?

There are several signs initially that would tell you that there is a Ink Cartridge Problem. Streaky prints, missing colors, patches and blotches on ink are some of the signs. However, the most common sign is blinking of the lights and display of certain messages. Some of the examples of such messages include the following

  1. Cartridge missing
  2. Cartridges in the wrong slot
  3. Depleted ink cartridge
  4. Cartridge problem
  5. Ink Cartridge failure
  6. Incompatible cartridge
  7. Print cartridge not detected

How to get rid of the Hp printer Ink Cartridge Problem?

The Hp printer Ink Cartridge Problem shall not let you print anything most of the time till you have paid attention to it. One might overlook the signs of cartridge issue a few times but at some point it will completely stop the cartridges from working if not attended. So, here are some of the neat and streamlined steps to follow to prevent the Hp printer Ink Cartridge Problem safely and quickly!

Part 1:

a To begin detecting and fixing your Ink Cartridge Problem, start by switching your printer on and open the lid. You will be able to see the cartridge there. Now simply open the cartridge and keep it aside.

b Now put the cartridges back at where it was in the socket, close the lid and put off the printer for a moment.

c Now, switch it on again and go for testing a page for printing again. Still if it is acting the same, follow the steps mentioned further to fix your Ink Cartridge Problem.

Part 2:

  1. Now, switch on the printer again and set the lid open where the cartridge is placed. You will now need to open the cartridge from its socket again.
  2. Remove the cartridge and use a clean, lint-free, dry cloth to gently wipe the contacts. Now just take the cartridges and give it a nice clean. Now there are certain rules that you will need to follow while cleaning. If you have spoken to the HP customer support, they will definitely tell you to use a dry, delicate and lint-free piece of cloth. You will then need to wipe off the contacts of the cartridge softly.
  3. To solve the Ink Cartridge Problem, make sure you wipe the entire contact right from the top to the bottom. You will be required to do this for every contact.
  4. Now, proceed by placing your ink cartridge to where it was and gain switch it off for just sixty-seconds.
  5. Turn the HP printer on. Print a test page. If this does not correct the problem, move onto
  6. The next step to solve your Ink Cartridge Problem is to switch it on again and try a test page. Still not solved? No problem, try these steps!

Part 3:

  1. Switch on the printer set the lid open and take out both color and black cartridges out and close the cover.
  2. Proceed by taking off the power cord and disconnect all the cables that are connected to the router or the machine. Now, wait for a minute and reconnect the power cord and plug all the cables back in.
  3. Now install the cartridges and switch the printer on. Try printing a test page. Still if it is not working consider purchasing a new cartridge.
  4. Now switch on our printer again and take off the power cord from the printer’s back side and give a moment.
  5. Now fix the power cord back and switch it on.
  6. Now print a test page, this should definitely solve your Hp printer Ink Cartridge Problem.

For further queries, you might consider contacting a HP representative.