Paper jams are definitely one of the most common printer problems. This is actually a twofold issue, where you get paper jams inside the device, and it draws multiple sheets. The HP printer paper jam issue might be a common one, but there is no denying the fact that it can end up wasting a lot of your valuable time. So, here’s taking a look at the ways you can fix the problem of the HP printer paper jam.

Clearing a jam from outside your printer

You can clear the paper jam from the automatic document feeder, output tray, or external input tray. You can remove jammed paper from the given areas:

Output and input paper trays

Look at the areas from where the papers enter and exit the HP printer, and remove the jammed papers, if any. Try aligning the ream correctly and do not load the tray with more sheets than its capacity.

Automatic Document Feeder

To solve the HP printer paper jam problem, open the automatic document feeder and remove any jammed papers.

Clearing a jam from inside your printer

Paper jams can happen inside a printer, as well. Take a flashlight to check every area inside the printer for any torn paper or other such debris.

Switch off the printer, disconnect that power cord, and remove any jammed paper from the areas mentioned below. Keep in mind that you should disconnect the power before reaching the printer to avoid getting an electric shock.

Ink cartridge area: Remove the jammed paper by opening the access door and moving the carriage. For Laser-jet HP printers, you might need to remove the toner cartridge for this process.

Paper path covering: Remove the paper path covering to see if there are any papers jammed in there.

Input tray: Remove the jammed paper by pulling out the input tray

Bottom clean-out access: Lift the printer to look at the bottom clean-out access, and remove jammed papers from there.

Hopefully, the HP printer paper jam fix will be found this way. If the problem continues, then get in touch with our hp customer support service team for HP printers.

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