How Can I Fix HP Printer Not Printing?

There are particular printer issues that most owners end up facing once or twice in the lifetime of the device. However, the good news is that the common printer problems, like HP Printer Not Printing, do not mean that you rush to the service center at the earliest. Relax, and take a look at whether you can solve it by yourself. To help you with that, here is a list of things you can do in this matter.

Check the printer status

Check if there is enough paper in the tray. If that, not the reason why HP Printer Not Printing, check if any papers are jammed or stuck in the feed. You should also make sure that the toner or ink is not empty. Usually, the latest HP printers have ink levels displayed at the front.

Cancel the queued printing jobs

Maybe the jobs that you have sent for printing have got stuck in the printing queue, and so, it’s stopping all the documents from getting printed. In that case, go to the windows panel, and click on ‘Devices & Printers.’ Once you find your printer in the list of devices, click on it to see what is printing. Cancel all the documents from printing, and restart the printer again to see if it works.

Not getting colored prints

It is a common issue to see HP printers not printing color. Go to the start menu and select settings to choose your printer from the list of devices. Right-click on the printer to go to ‘Properties.’ Choose ‘Printing Preference,’ which will take you to the ‘Quality/paper’ tab. Choose a color from here. Print something to see if it worked.

Check if you are sending it to the right device

You might be sending the printing jobs to the wrong printer. You will have to set your printer to default to solve this issue.If all these solutions do not work when Printer is not Printing, then you have no other way than calling a reliable customer service provider for HP printers.