Hp Printer not Printing black ink- How to resolve this issue?

HP is one of the widely used brands across the world by millions of users due to the ultimate quality of products. However, there are situations when users encounter problems with their HP printers. For instance, the HP printer not printing black, overheating of the printer, pam jam issues, etc.

If you are experiencing that your HP printer not printing color or black prints properly, here are some of the common reasons for the same:

  • You are running out of black cartridge
  • Issues with your Printer Head
  • Check your software or HP printer driver
  • Problem with the laser assembly of your HP printer
  • Improper or loose connections
  • Damaged USB or power cables

If you are facing this issue, you can take help from the printer support team to get your problem fixed. Some of the common fixes for this bug are:

Hp printer not printing black ink
  • Clean the black ink cartridge : To do so, remove the black ink cartridge from the HP printer using a cotton swab. Clean all the dirt, or dried ink that may be causing hindrance. You can also client the printer heads to clear any blockage.
  • Change your printer settings : If your HP Laser jet printer is facing this problem, you can try changing the settings. To do so, go to ‘Disable the cartridge’ and then switch the magenta and black cartridges. Try printing the page again. If you are still not able to print black ink, there are some issues with the toner cartridge.
  • Check the USB connection : Another common reason is that the wiring connection to the printer is loose. Check all the USB connections and the power plug and ensure that they are plugged in properly. 

Contact the HP printer support 

If you are not able to fix the bug after trying all the fixes, you can take help from the HP support number . Their expert technical experts are available 24 X 7 to help resolve your printing issues.

Pro Tip: To maintain a long life of your HP devices, you are advised to buy genuine HP products from a trusted store. You can contact our team whenever you face this issue, or any other HP printer related concerns. Our Hp customer care team is always there to help.