During the HP printer driver installation if your printer is not detected, you may see the following pop up: HP Printer not found; No external devices found; Unable to connect to the printer; your printer is not there on your wireless network. And as soon as you see this, you tend to look for a printer offline fix that works to resolve the Hp printer driver installation issue. In this blog we have got covered with all the troubleshooting steps you need to perform to rectify this problem. Follow the below methods carefully.

Hp Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup

Method 1: Uninstalling the Drivers-

There might be some components of the drivers that have been incorrectly installed or even failed during the Hp printer driver setup. If that’s the case with you then uninstall and reinstall them taking into consideration the following steps.

  1. Firstly disable the USB cable from your printer, if required.
  2. Then go to the start and type in the Control Panel in the search box and open it. And then under Programs tab click the option “Uninstall a program” and a new window appears.
  3. There you will see a list of all Windows programs. Now search for your printer name and click on it, then an uninstall confirmation screen will come up, click on Yes and follow the onscreen instructions to finish removing the entire software.
  4. Make sure that the printer is turned on, the paper is loaded in the tray, and cartridges are properly installed.
  5. Make it a point to install the correct driver for your printer through the HP printer manufacturer website after verifying your OS and your printer model number. Only then try the Hp printer driver installation and set up your printer. Try to take a test print.

Method 2: Troubleshooting the Printer Connection-


A) If your PC does not detect your wireless printer try restarting both the printer and your system and then make a connection again. Simple steps to follow are:

  1. Wait for 10 seconds after you turn off your printer and then disconnect the power cord. Turn off your PC too.
  2. Now after that connect the cord back into your printer, and turn the printer back on.
  3. Then disconnect the power cord of the router, again wait for 10 seconds, and connect it back.
  4. After this turn on your PC. This makes your printer and the network ready to make a connection.
  5. Now you can connect your printer wirelessly through the printer’s user manual or by going onto the HP manufacturer site and complete the Hp printer driver setup. Now take a test print out and check.

B) If your PC does not detect your USB connection, then restart your PC, restart your PC, printer, and as well as verify your USB connection.

  1. After you turn off your PC and printer, the first step is to disconnect the USB cable from your PC.
  2. Then check if the cable is damaged or not. If it is then replace it. To add to it check its length. If it’s more than 3 meters try replacing it with a shorter one.
  3. Try to connect it to a different port on your PC. Check it is a USB 2.0 or higher. In the case of a USB hub, disconnect it from the hub and try connecting it directly to your PC. Make sure it is secure on both the ports.
  4. Then turn on your PC and finish the startup. Now wait for a few minutes and then turn on your printer. After that Windows will install the new device.


C) Check your network cable connection if you’re not able to detect your PC over an Ethernet connection. Here are a few simple steps to detect and rectify that.

  1. Firstly turn your printer off, disconnect the router cable, and also check it’s condition. If it is damaged, replace it.
  2. Then confirm it is an Ethernet not a telephone cable as both look identical but you can differentiate through size and ensure it is fully secured to the ports.
  3. Then on your router’s Ethernet or LAN port, connect your cable.
  4. Now turn your printer on and confirm that your connection is working by checking the status of the lights on the printer Ethernet port. Verify that the green light is steady and the orange light is blinking.
  5. Now print a Network Configuration Page to confirm the network status. Verify that it displays the status as Ready.

    The above-mentioned methods are an effective way to solve Hp Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup issues. you can contact us at Hp Printer helpline. Our expert technicians are available 24*7.