One of the most renowned brands in printer services is HP. Their printers have created a boon in the printing sector but there are instances when the users face  the issue of HP printer ink system failure. The HP printer ink system failure is an issue that is related to the cartridges and it is a common error faced by some of the HP printers having touch screen control panels. In this blog, we are going to understand all its cases and also steps to fix this issue.

HP Ink System Failure

Causes leading to HP printer ink system failure:

  1. Printer not properly setup

Before moving to the cartridges check if the printer is set up correctly or not. In some cases, you might need to set up the printer again from scratch.

  1. Use of disingenuous or depleted cartridges

The use of non-genuine cartridges can be a dangerous practice. The use of an HP manufactured cartridge is a must. The user should also be aware of the ink levels and should check the “low warning” message prompt whenever it comes and then replaces the cartridges. An empty cartridge can be one of the reasons as to why we see the HP printer ink system failure error message. Use a new cartridge and then reset the counter.

  1. Clogged and Dirty print head

The dried ink on the nozzle can cause HP printer ink system failure

whenever the printer detects cartridges.

  1. Incompatible ink cartridge
    Specific ink cartridges are meant for certain models of HP printers, so verify their compatibility before you install them. And if cartridges are empty, follow their user manual guide to select the compatible ink cartridges.
  1. The printer cannot read the cartridges, newly installed.

This happens when the cartridges are not set up properly or when the counter is not reset.

Steps to solve HP printer ink system failure-

Below is the list of solutions to HP printer ink system failure. Follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Make sure that the cartridges are not dried up/clogged and still contain some wet ink. Shake them up a little to listen to the moving liquid inside.
  1. Also, clean up the gold electrical contacts there are on the ink cartridges, and clean the print head in contact with the cartridges. Also, inspect the carriage path for any obstacles.
  1. Clean the print head using warm, distilled water or you can also use a commercial inkjet cleaner formula.
  1. Try removing the cartridges and the print head and then reinstall the print head and the ink cartridges.

Note: You might have to do it 3 or 4 times for it to take effect.


  1. A dead CMOS battery could be the cause of HP printer ink system failure. So check the CMOS battery which is located on the side of the printer along with the circuit board. Do this carefully after reading instructions from the user manual.
  1. You can also try a Semi-full reset to fix this problem. To reset the counter, unplug the printer and then turn off the power. Now press #, 9 buttons, and then hold them together for 30 seconds. Now plug the printer back, turn it, and still keep on holding the buttons. Before you release the buttons, wait for 30 seconds and then press down the power button to check if the error is still there.


  1. You can also update the firmware by going to the printer webpage. Go to updates<firmware<confirm the latest version<click OK. Then restart and check the printer again.
  1. HP printer ink system failure can also be caused if the printer is not directly plugged into a wall outlet. So make sure it is.
  1. Completely check the inside of the printer and see if there’s any spilled ink or not. If yes, it can jam things and trigger sensors that can lead up to HP printer ink system failure error.
  1. If the HP printer ink system failure error persists then it is likely that the print head is damaged or is worn out. In the end, you would have to replace it.

Even after following the above-mentioned steps the issue is not resolved, then don’t hassle. Simply contact us at our Hp support number.