Are you facing HP Envy 4500 printer printing blank pages, even after the cartridge change?

This article will fade out all your worries with super clear printouts.

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Before going more deeper into the discussion there are few important points to remember so as to avoid HP Envy 4500 Printer printing blank:

  • Check the Authenticity: You can check the authenticity of HP ink cartridges from HP Anti-Counterfeit.
  • Use Genuine Ink cartridge: Always use the Genuine ink cartridge, and you can but it from HP store or local authorised HP dealer.
  • Use proper Paper: You should always use the good quality plain white paper. Also, the paper should be not be torn, curled or wrinkled to avoid Hp envy 4500 printer printing blank or faded printouts.
  • Photo paper instructions: Ensure not to put more than 20 sheets of photo paper in the printing tray.
  • Printing Side Down: Always use the smooth side as the printing side. Generally, the paper manufacturers imprint their logo on the none printing side.
  • Using Correct Paper: Always use the correct paper type for any operation, using improper one will get you the bad quality print or no print at all.
  • Allow printer to Rest: Sometimes the HP Envy 4500 printer not printing blackcan be solved by keeping your printer to rest for 30 minutes.

Although keeping these pointers in consideration will give you good results but sometimes due to some technical glitches, there is a need for minor tweaking in your printers, and today we will discuss these settings and adjustment that will make you resolve your  HP Envy 4500 printer printing blank pages.

HP Envy 4500 Printing Blank Page

Here we go.

Step 1. Removing Black Ink Cartridge During Setup-

Sometimes during set up, you might experience black ink missing printouts, in this step, you will be able to filter out your missing or faded printout problem. Herein you will have to remove the black ink cartridge from the printer and let it run on tricolour single-cartridge mode.

To proceed further :

  1. You will have to first turn on your printer and need to open up the cartridge compartment doorby putting your finger along the sides of the printer.
  2. Now further you will see the carriage inthe cartridge access area, let it be silent and idle.
  3. Now gentlyremove the black cartridge from slots by lifting the lid up.

(Note: Let the Black ink cartridge rest with the Nozzle facing upwards for few hours)

  1. Now close the cartridge compartment door.
  2. Now retry with the printing job using tri-colour cartridge only.

Now if your printer is working fine then that means there was some problem with black ink cartridge and now you will have to leave your black ink cartridge to rest with the nozzle facing upwards for a few hours, then install it and retry with printing job again and that completes the troubleshooting.

And if Hp envy 4500 printer printing blank problem still persists then continue with further solutions.

Step 2. CheckPrint Setting-

Further steps will guide you to perform the appropriate settings as per the printing job.

This step is also a good troubleshooter if you are experiencing the printouts with horizontal linesalong with other issues.

Although if your printouts have vertical lines, then they can be sorted by cleaning the scanner glass, and if this does not solves the Hp envy 4500 printer printing blank issue then proceed with the following steps. (No need to change the cartridge during Vertical lines)

Setting for Windows:

  1. First, you will have to open the software application to print.
  2. Now you will have to click “File” and then click “Print”.
  3. Further, now you will have to open the Properties dialogue, by click either properties, option, printer setup, printer or preferences. (Depending upon your Software)
  4. Now you need to change the following settings as per the print job.
  • Print Quality: You can select for Best, Normal or Draft mode here. For quick printing, decrease the print quality and for good quality printouts, you can increase the quality of printouts.
  • Paper Type: Choose the right paper for perfect printing, for example, choose the right type of photo paper for printing photos.
  • Paper Size:To choose Right paper size is necessary as per your print job.
  • Black and White: You can choose for the Grayscale option to print black and white. 
  1. Here like windows you will have to select “File” and click “Print” in the printing software application.
  2. Further now you need to select the Paper Type /Quality menu.
  3. Now as per your printing job you need to modify these settings.
  • Paper Type
  • Paper Quality
  1. Finally, you can choose to save these settings, from the preset menu.

Proceed to the next step if Hp envy 4500 printer printing blank issue still remains the same.

Step 3. Printing and Examining the Print Quality Diagnostic Report-

The Print Quality Diagnostic Report can examine the printing quality and Informs about the exact printing defect. To printout the report follows these steps:

  1. First, you need to select “Tools” onthe printer control panel.
  2. Now in the drop-down list, you need to select “Print Quality Report”.
  3. Further, you will get the report as printout and you will have to examine it.
  4. Print Quality Report shows Sample Text, Alignment Patterns and Colour bars. These defects could be:


  • Missing blackcolour
  • Ragged Large text
  • Faded colour bars
  • Streaked colour bars
  • Blank or nearly blank page
  • Ragged Colour bars 

To remove these defects proceed to the next step and if you are not finding any such defects and you are satisfied with the printing quality that shows the Ink cartridges are working correctly.

Step 4. Cleaning of ink cartridges-

In this step, you will have to clean the ink cartridges to get rid of defects in the Print Quality Diagnostic Report by running the automatic tool.

On the control panel, you need to select the “Tools” and then select the Clean “Printhead”. Further, this process will clean the printhead and print a test page as well. If Hp envy 4500 printer printing blank problem still exists then proceed to next step.

Step 5. Align the printer-

This process will align the ink cartridges.

  1. After loading the plain white pages inside the printer tray, you will have to select “Align Printer” in Control Panel.
  2. Now this will print out the test page.
  3. Further, you need to put this test alignment page on the scanner glass and your printer will scan the page after pressing ok.
  4. Now hopefully your issue will be resolved and if it doesn’t then proceed to the next step. And if the test report doesn’t show smears or track marks then you should prefer changing the ink cartridge.

Step 6. Manually cleaning the area around ink nozzles-

This process should only be followed if the test page had smeared or track marks, and if there are some different issues then you should change the ink cartridge as explained in step 7.

  1. First, you need to Turn on the printer.
  2. Now you will have to open the cartridge compartment door.
  3. Further, wait for the carriage to get silent and idle.
  4. Now you need to remove the ink cartridge from the slot by releasing the lid.
  5. Hold the ink cartridge by the sides and check for any residue buildup over the cartridge contacts.
  6. If you find any residue over contact then clean it withClean Swab wet with distilled water also clean area around the nozzle.

(Note⚠️: Remember few important things.

  • Never use tap water or alcohol-based cleaning.
  • Never touch the copper colour nozzle contacts while installing the new ink cartridge.
  • Always clean one cartridge at a time, never keep cartridge out from printer for more than 30 minutes.
  1. Now after the cartridge is dry then put it back into the slot and close the lid.
  2. Also, you can proceed with the same steps for another cartridge.
  3. Further now continue with the printing job.

If this doesn’t solve the Hp envy 4500 printer printing blank problem then proceed to next step.

Step 7. Replace the problem ink cartridge-

If the previous steps didn’t work out then you need to proceed with replacing the problem ink cartridge. Ensure the process to remove the cartridge from slot to complete in 5 minutes, because in 5 minutes the carriage will move to the sides automatically.

  1. First, you need to Turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  2. Now you will have to open the cartridge compartment door.
  3. Further, wait for the carriage to get silent and idle.
  4. Now you need to remove the ink cartridge from the slot by releasing the lid.
  5. Further now you will have to install the new cartridge into the slot. (Read the instructions in manual to properly fit the cartridge)
  6. Now close the lid, close the cartridge compartment door and close the scanner lid as well.
  7. Your printer is now ready to print.

Step 8. Service the printer-

Service of your printer will be required if these steps are unable to help in resolving the issue Hp envy 4500 printer printing blank. HP is having a dedicated HP Support to help you resolve all the issues related to your HP product.

If your HP product is under is out of warranty then you will have to bear some fees depending upon HP product policies. Always ensure to keep the problem test sample page while the product is replaced under warranty, HP technical personal might ask you for sample page which shows the defect.


HP Envy 4500 printer printing blank pages can easily be solved by following these steps as all are explained in crisp and clear words. This article will save your time to wait for the HP authorised technician to come and solve the issue for you. Rather you willresolve the issue by yourself.

Oh! You tried but couldn’t make it?

No worries. HP support is just a call away. With HP’s prompt response, you can book an appointment and an HP authorised technician will visit you and solve your query.