The detailed description for the problem of your HP 5520 printer not printing black and the print quality is not acceptable. If you are experiencing faded, streaked, blurred or any other type of printing problems like striped ink or stains, then this article is going to solve your problem.

HP 5520 Printer Not Printing

Following are the detailed steps to fix HP 5520 Printer not printing black issue.

Step 1. Always use genuine HP ink cartridges-

The first step is to ensure that you always use genuine HP ink supplies. Using non – HP products or cartridges can harm your printer or any other component. You can check the genuineness of your HP products from HP anti-counterfeit site.

This article might not be able to solve your issue of HP 5520 printer not printing black if you are not using the authorised HP refilled cartridges or other components.

You can purchase the refilling cartridges and other HP supplies from HP Store or any local authorised HP distributor.

And even after using the Genuine HP cartridge do not solve your problem then proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Allowing automatic printer servicing to complete-

The automatic printer service can solve many printing-related problems. You need not do anything, rather the printing quality gets improved in just a few moments after you experience printer not printing issue.

You should continue to step 3 if this doesn’t solve the printer problem.

Step 3: Checking your paper Quality- 

You should always use the proper paper for the printing job. A badly shaped paper or incorrect size paper may lead to printing related issues.

  1. You should always load the “printing side” down in the tray. You can judge the “printing side” as the smoother one and sometimes non-print side has a logo of manufacturer over it.
  2. You should avoid using wrinkled, curled or damaged paper. Illustrated below in the figure 1.
  3. Always use the correct paper for a better printing experience.
  • If you are printing on office text documents then a paper with ColorLok technology works wonders. ColorLok is an industry-standard and it goes well with HP ink.Figure 2 illustrates the logo of ColorLok.
  • And if you are printing documents with dense printing like heavy graphics, photos then you should refer HP advance photo paper.
  • There might be a case that some paper types might not absorb the ink as compared to others, to avoid this you should use recommended HP papers.
  1. You should always keep the photo paper in its original packaging in a resealable bag and in a cool and dry surface. At once only put maximum 10-20 sheets of photo paper for printing.
  2. You can also use different paper to check if the problem is related to paper.

(Note: If you find vertical streaks in your printouts then that might be due to dirty scanner glass or wrong paper type. You should not replace the ink cartridges in case of vertical streaks.)

  • Horizontal Streaks: You should keep on following the further troubleshootingsteps if you have encountered the horizontal streaks or any other printing issue apart from vertical streaks. Horizontal streaks are depicted in figure 3 below.
  • Vertical Streaks: You should not replace the ink cartridges in case you find vertical streaks in printouts, rather incorrect paper or dirty scanner glass could have caused this problem. So either clear your printer scanner glass or use appropriate paper. Vertical streak is illustrated in figure 4 below.
  1. Now continue with printing operation and if the HP 5520 Printer not printing black problem still persists then continue with the next step 4.

Step 4: Checking the print settings-

Inappropriate print settings can also use also affect printing quality. So in this step, we will check the print settings as per your operating system (Windows or Mac).


Checking the print setting in Windows.

  1. First, you will have to open the application you are printing from and click “File” and then select “Print”.
  2. Now you will find the print window opens up.
  3. Further, you need to select your printer and then press “properties”. Now you will find the printer dialogue box.
  4. Now you should press paper/quality tab.
  5. You will find the drop-down list, select the exact paper size that you want to print on. Example select “A4 size if you want to print on a regular document or select“5X14 in” if you want to print on legal paper.
  6. You can now select the “paper type” from the “media” drop-down list.
  7. To proceed further click the “Advance button”, now you will find the “advance option” dialog box.
  8. Moving further you need to ensure that print in the “Grayscale” option is “off” under “document options”. You can switch it on if you want to print in “Grayscale”.
  9. When the“print setting” is completed then you have to click “Ok” and click “Print”.
  10. Now you can proceed by clicking “Ok” twice to apply these settings.
  11. Now carry with the printing operation, if HP 5520 Printer not printing black issue still persists then proceed to the next step or else you can contact the HP customer service.


Checking the Print settings in Mac

Checking the print quality settings-

  1. Now first you will have to open the document and then proceed to click “File” and then select “Print”.
  2. Now you will find the print window open up.
  3. Further, you will have to select the “Paper Type/quality”or“Quality menu”.
  4. Now to proceed further you might have to adjust these settings as per the print job:
  • Paper type: Depending on the paper type select the option.
  • Quality: If you are finding the print quality not acceptable then you should increase the print quality and to print faster you should decrease the print quality.
  1. You can also save these settings by selecting save in“Presets Menu”.


Checking the grayscale print setting-

In this step, you need to ensure that you have not opted “Grayscale” if you want to print in colour.

  1. Now first you will have to Open the document and then proceed to click “File” and them select “Print”.
  2. Further, you will have to select the “Paper Type/quality”.
  3. The last step is to click the colour option if it displays. Or else if you want to print in colour then ensure not to opt for grayscale. If the option doesn’t display, then that means the feature is not available in your printer.

(Note: You can have these settings by Click “Save” in “Preset Menu”, you can rename this preset as well. In case you have multiple printers then you need to click System Preferences, further click Print and fax, Print and scan, or scanners and printers. Thereafter set default printer as the last printer used.)

After proceeding with all the above steps if you still find your HP 5520 printer not printing black then move to next step 5.

Step 5: Checking the estimated ink levels- 

In this process, you need to check the level of ink in cartridges if you find anyone critically low or empty then there is a need to replace it.

(Note: If you found the ink level low then that doesn’t mean to replace the ink cartridges, rather this is just a warning indicator for you to pre-plan for a new cartridge so as to avoid the no printing days and hampering your printing related job. Instead, you should always replace the ink cartridge when you find the print quality unacceptable)

To check the ink level you need to press “ink (💧)” on the home screen of printer control panel.

  • Now if will find that the ink in cartridges isfine then you can move to step 7 to print the quality diagnostic report.
  • And if you find any of the cartridge lows on ink then there is a need to replace that particular cartridge. The process is explained in step 6.

Step 6: Replacing the low or empty ink cartridges-

This step is needed only if your cartridges are critically low on ink or empty, else skip this step.

  1. First, you need to turn on your printer by pressing the power button.
  2. Now you will have to open the ink cartridge compartment door. This will push the cartridge to the access area, as illustrated in figure 6 below.
  3. Further, you will have to push the ink cartridge gently little bit inside and then pull the cartridge up and removing it from the slot as shown below in figure 7.
  4. In this step, you need to pull the orange tab to unwrap the plastic from the new ink cartridge. As illustrated, in future 8.

(Note: You need to make sure that the orange pull-tab along with the plastic wrap to be removed completely before removing the orange cap in the next step, else ink might leak from the cartridge. While removing the plastic wrap, there will be a slight tear in the paper label and that is important to vent for the ink cartridge.)

  1. Further now you will have to remove the orange cap by twisting it counterclockwise until it breaks off.
  1. Here you need to put and slide the ink cartridge into the slot, thereafter pressing down the ink cartridge until it fits into the proper place. You need to make sure that the cartridges are placed in their exact slots by matching the icon shape and colour.
  2. You can repeat the same steps to fit other cartridges as well.
  3. Now gently close the ink cartridge compartment door .
  4. Start with the printing process and if printer not painting issue still persists then continue with the next step.

Step 7: Printing Quality Diagnostic report-

In this step, you will have to run a print quality diagnostic report using the printer control panel.

  1. Initiate with loading white paper in the tray.
  2. On the printer control panel press( 🔧) “Settings”.
  3. Now you will have to press “Tools” and then select “Print Quality Report”.
  4. Now the printer will print the “quality diagnostic report”. Illustrated below in figure 11.
  5. Now continue to the next step.

Step 8. Evaluating the Print quality diagnostic report for any defect- 

After checking the report, if you find all the colour bars complete, without any streak or stains and all the colours are properly spread across, that shows your printer 🖨️and ink cartridges are working fine.

  • In the print diagnostic report is you do not find any defect that means the printing mechanism and cartridges are working well. You can return to step 4, checking the print settings.
  • Else If you are finding some defects on the print quality diagnostic report then continue to the next step 9.

Step 9. Check ink cartridges are properly vented and seated-

In this step, you need to check the vents of the ink cartridges, for any clogging or obstruction.Due to any such clogging, the ink cartridges will not be able to work effectively.

(Note: Avoid keeping the ink cartridges outside the printer for more than 30 minutes, otherwise the ink may dry, thus affecting the print quality.)

  1. First, you need to turn “on” your printer.
  2. Then you will have to open the cartridge compartment door, making the carriage move towards access area.
  3. Now you should press the ink cartridge gently inside so as to release it, and then pulling it outwards from the slot.
  4. Now comes the step to check the vent on top of each ink cartridge over the HP logo.
  5. Pull the orange tab, if you still find it.
  6. To proceed further if you find a clogged vent, you will have to remove the extra adhesive from the vent with the help of a pin. Illustrated below in figure 17.
  7. Here you will have to fix the cartridge by sliding it down into the slot, and then gently pressing the ink carriage till it fixes properly.  (Note: Always ensure to fix the ink cartridges in their respective slots. For marking the cartridges and slots are allotted with same icon and colour coding is also done.)
  1. You can again follow the same steps on each ink cartridges.
  2. Now to ensure the fitment of ink cartridges, you can run your fingers over the top of ink cartridges, and if you find anyone jutting out then firmly push it inside the slot.
  3. The fitment is complete, now you can shut the ink cartridge compartment door.
  4. You can continue with the printing task, If the Printer not printing issue still occurs then proceed to step 10.

Step 10. Cleaning of printhead-

In this step you need to run an automated tool to clean the printhead if you find found any defects on the Print Quality Diagnostic report. Follow the steps given below :

  1. First, you need to ensure to load the tray with A4 size plain paper.
  2. Further, now you have to press the “Settings” icon, then press “Tools” on the printer control panel.
  3. Next you need to press the “Down arrow🔽” button, proceeding with press “Clean printhead”. This step with clean the printhead.
  4. Now you can print the test page and then review the print quality of the page. Test page print is satisfactory: Continue with your printing job
  • Test page print is not satisfactory: Do the cleaning again.

(Note: A badly clogged printhead may require cleaning again. And if it is so then you need to wait for 30 minutes after the last cleaning has been performed and start with the cleaning process again.)

  1. After following these steps if you find satisfactory results then there is no need to go to the next steps.You can follow these measures to prevent the clogging in future:
  • Ensure to never leave the cartridge out of the printer for a longer duration.
  • Ensure to turn off the printer using the “power button”. Doing this will protect the ink cartridge from exposure to air.

Proceed to the next step if the HP 5520 printer not printing issue still persists.

Step 11. Aligning the Printer-

  1. For aligning the printer first you need to press the “set up icon”(🔧) and then press “tools”.
  2. Further, you need to press the “down arrow (🔽) button”, then press “Align printer”. This will print the alignment page.
  3. Now you can lift up the lid of printer, and put the alignment page on the scanner glass, as illustrated in figure 20.
  4. To proceed further now you can close the lid and press “ok”. This will make the printer align automatically. Press “ok” again to continue.
  5. If the problem of HP 5520 printernot printing black still persists then continue to the next step.

Step 12. Replacing the problem ink cartridge-

Hopefully, these steps should solve the problem but even if the issue still exists then you should consider replacing the ink cartridge that is causing the problem as per the Quality diagnostic report, whether the ink cartridge is low or not low.

You can check if your printhead or cartridge is under warranty or not from Printer and Page Yield Overview. From this HP webpage, you will be able to gather the warranty information about your product. 

Continue to next steps if your HP Printer not printing issue still persists.

Step 13. Service the Printer- 

Even after completing all the above steps, if your HP 5520 Printer not printing black issue remains unresolved then you should contact the HP Customer Service. The customer support will advise you to either get it replace or you can request a repair of your Hp Printer.

You can also check the warranty status of your HP product from HP warranty check, and for out of warranty products repair fees might apply.