If your HP PCs Locks up or Freezes then that means you gotta new opportunity to learn something new and with our DIY document you gonna do it with ease. Rather than scratching your head and getting pissed off with this freezing and locking up problem let’s find out the way to get rid of this.

Tip: Before proceeding and following these steps you must ensure that you have downloaded an Antivirus software to your Laptop or computer, sometimes due to the absence of Security software invites Viruses or Malware in your computer.

HP computers keep setting the benchmarks and keep on changing as per the customer demand, and that’s what sets them apart as compared to the other brands in the same niche.

Solve HP PCs Locks Up

Sometimes a few problems are there that you need to face off with:

  • Your computer is not responding.
  • Your computer screen hangs or freeze and not responding to the inputs frommouse and keyboard.
  • No movement at all on your computer screen.


All these problems represent your HP PCs Locks up or freezes. This problem can be solved but at first, you need to check why the problem has arisen and what is the actual problem.

If the issue is with any particular programthen you should uninstall it, and stepwise process to uninstall the software program is discussed in this article.

Else you might have to update the BIOS if your HP PCs freezes or locks up immediately after coming out of sleep mode. The process goes like you will have to restart the computer then update the BIOS.

Sometimesyou might face thelock-up issue just after turning on the computer, and to get rid of this you need to run the system test. For that you need to go to “All programs, then find and click “PC help and tools”, now proceed to “Hardware diagnostic tools”, here you will find “Run the system test” in the Test script section.

If your PC fails on memory, graphics or processor tests that shows the overheating problem and the solution can be found out in Clean the air vents section further in this article.

Now let’s proceed towards the step by step solution to the HP PCs locks up or freezes problem:


Close programs-


  1. The #1 step is to close all the running programs and turn off your computer as well.
  2. Further now you need to remove the disc or CDs from your Laptop or computer and if you are using the computer then remove the network cables or disconnect the WiFi.
  3. Also to force stop the software programs you can use the Alt+ f4 keys, now if your system responds, that means the problem lies with that particular program, hence you need to uninstall it.

Proceed to the next step if still your HP PCs locks up or freezes.

Use Task Manager to end the program-

Your windows task manager will help you find out the programs creating problem or are respond slow. It gives you clear numbers about how much a certain program is affecting your computer’s CPU and Memory, thereby you can take action on it.

  1. First, you need to find the “Task Manager”in the search menu and open it.
  1. Now you have to open either “Details” tab or “Applications” tab depending upon your windows version.
  1. Here you can see the list of tasks, now look for the ones with status “Not Responding”.
  1. Further now you need to force stop that particular program, click the program and then click “End Task”. Repeat the same step with other programs with “Not Responding” status.
  1. Now you can try to open the program, if it opens successfully that indicates the problem with a particular program that you just forced stop, you will have to uninstall it after saving the files and restarting your computer.


  1. If your HP PCs locks up or freezes then again you need to open the Task Manager and click the “processes” tab.
  1. Here you have to remove the apps with high CPU and Memory.
  • CPU: Apps nearing 99, or progressing fast towards it.
  • Memory: If the numbers in memory column for any app is increasing continuously for 11 seconds or more.
  1. Now you will have toclose the tasks following above-mentioned criteria, to perform this action click a program and then click “End Task”.
  1. Further, if your computer responds, this shows a problem with that particular program you have just closed, proceed further by saving your files and uninstalling that particular program and then restart your computer,


Proceed to next step if still, you are not able to solve HP PCs locks up or freezes problem.


Update device drivers-

In this step, you need to update the available device and drivers in your computers. Sometimes this also causes thecomputerfreezes and locks up problem, hence regular update of drivers is necessary.


Update the HP BIOS-

You can always check the available updates for BIOS from HP support website. To proceed with it visit www.support.hp.com and search for Software and Driver downloads, there you can easily find any available BIOS updates. 

Further now you need to enter the details of your computer, for example ,the type and model name. All these details can be found in “Let’s Identify your product” page. Thereafter you need to follow the on screen instructions andupdate the BIOS. If there is no update available then proceed to next step.

Cleaning Air vents-

Clean air vents of PC or laptop so as to prevent the overheating. Clogged air vents are one of the major reasons for HP PCs locks up or freezes issue. Due to regular operation and dust around your device can accumulate the layer of dustin air vents and temperature can rise beyond 350C. Hence it becomes important to clear it with the help of compressed air.

For laptop, the air vents can be found easily underneath your device. At first you need to turn off the laptop and remove all the wired connection with it. Now use the canned compressed air to remove the dust stuck within the air vents. Now after 10-15 minutes you can again turn it on.

If your laptop is still facing the same problem then keep it in some cool place andhard surface

Or else check for the fan sound, and contact HP laptop support.

For PCs, you need to so the same operations as well, but here the vents are at CPU. Open the side panel of CPU, and check for the accumulation of dust on fans and other components within, and use the canned compressed air to remove the dust. You need to check the power supply fan, graphics card fan, air vents and other components as well.

If the issue HP PCs Locks Up or Freezes still remains unresolved then proceed to next step.

Uninstall the problem software-

In previous steps we have encountered the problem with few software programs now here we need to remove and uninstall them.

  1. At first, you need to shut down your computer and then restart it again and start pressing f8 key continuously (begin pressing it even before the screen shows).
  2. Now select the safe mode and your screen will show the safe mode at all four corners.
  3. Further now you need to go to “programs and features”, and here you need to uninstall the programs that are creating problems as we have noticed in the previous steps.
  4. Now again restart your computer and check you HP PCs locks up or freezes issue, if your computer is running smoothly then you have successfully completed the troubleshooting process or else proceed to next steps.
Microsoft System Restore-

Further in this section, you should restore your system in safe mode.Follow the same procedure for safe as we have done in previous steps.

Shut down and then restart your computer and press f8 repeatedly and select the safe mode in windows advance option.

Now search for “system restore”and open it. On the System Restore window select the checkbox “Choose a different restore point” and click “Next”.

Now you will find a list with data and time, select a restore Point with date and time before your computer stopped to perform. Proceed with click “next” and then “finish”. This will start your computer automatically and system restoration will be completed.

System hard reset-

Hard reset of your laptop solves the issues pertaining to HP PCs locks up or freezes, also this is helpful in keyboard not responding, software program freeze.

To perform the hard reset you need to first turn off your laptop and press the power button for 15 seconds, now remove all the wires and devices.Further, you should remove the battery from the laptop.

After 5 minutes install the battery again to the laptop and connect the Charging adapter to the laptop, without connecting any other device. Turn on your laptop and hard reset or power rest is completed.

The last steps are Hard rest and the system restore. This helps in complete restoration of your HP laptop to the core. If at any point in time you are not feeling easy to perform any of these tasks then you can contact the HP Laptop support. HP is prompt in providing the customer services.