HP Printer Install Wizard-

HP printer install wizard is an amazing feature to help the users in printer setup. To have good printing experience all the parts and software need to work together in a proper way.And in line with this statement,the printer wizard helps in an efficient installation of the printer driver on Windows version 7, 8 and newer ones or any other operating system.

Printer driver software is not there in the printer kit?

No worries even if you do not have printer driver software in the printer kit then you can easily download it using the HP printer install wizard.

HP Printer Install Wizard

As we have earlier mentioned that in order to get a good quality printout you should install the HP printer driver software in a proper and guided way because to buy a printer is an easy task but to become a smart customer you should learn how to perform the hp printer driver installation setup.

So to solve your query in this article we are going to discuss that How to Setup Printer Driver Using HP Printer Install Wizard.

Manual printer driver setup installation-

In order to operate your printers in an efficient and effective manner, there should be good communication between your printer and your computer system. There might be a case that when some problem arises during this connection and before proceeding further you need to fix this error. To troubleshoot this problem you might have to do the fresh installation of printer drivers. The following cases might require you to install the drivers manually:

  • The first possibility could be your printer cable is not working efficiently or in a proper way.
  • Another chance could be an improper internet connection when you are connecting to the server.
  • Also, we can’t deny the possibility of missing printer driver installation CD that came along with your printer when you would have purchased your printing device.
  • Also, your system can stop to proceed further after experiencing some other printer installation errors.


So if you have also encountered these situations then you must also consider downloading the printer driver set up manually. Sometimes you must have felt that it would be a tedious and tiring process to complete the printer driver installation setup manually then we have documented the easy steps for your in order to make this process neat and clear.

How to setup printer driver with HP printer install wizard?

Further in this article, we will discuss the method to install the printer driver:

Downloading the driver-

  1. Primarily you need to turn on your laptop or computer device and HP printer.
  2. Now in the next step, you need to check that your printer and computer device should be ready to install the printer driver.
  3. Now to proceed further you will have to click on Change the device installation settings in search results.
  4. Now moving further you will a new window on the screen displaying the “Device Installation Setting”, you need to click “Yes” and later click “Save Changes”.

HP printer to connect with computer and adding Printer wizard-

In the following steps we will be connecting the printer with your computer and later on, some simple steps are given to Add a printer wizard. Let proceed further:

  1. Ensure your devices both HP printer and computer are turned on.
  2. Now bring your HP printer as closer to your computer and then connect them together either using the USB cable or wirelessly.
  3. Now to proceed further you need to start the HP printer driver installation setup
  4. In further steps, you need to add a printer wizard.
  5. Now in your computer, open the browser and search for HP support assistant. (Ensure the proper Internet connectivity)
  6. Now here you will find a new window of HP support assistant and in the search bar type HP printer install wizard, thereafter you need to run the program by double-clicking it.
  7. Further, now some small windows will keep popping up, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions by reading them properly, and then click “Finish”.
  8. Now you are done with the process of printer driver installation.

Isn’t it easy to follow the process as we have promised at the beginning of this article?And in case of any problem or issue or any other technical know how you can always contact the HP Printer support number.