Most of the businesses in today’s world require a printer for their everyday work. Be it a small-scale, medium-scale, or an enterprise-level make use of printers for their business works. If you are not sure, let me share a stat on this.

A report states that for the year 2019, around 94.35 million units of hardcopy peripherals which include printers, copiers, multifunctional systems, etc were shipped worldwide it seems! Additionally, nowadays printers can now be connected across various sets of devices such as Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, etc.

HP Mobile Printing

How To Install & Set Up An HP Printer In A Wireless Mode

Moreover, when it comes to printers, the most popular one is HP Printer! HP Printers were invented right from the year 1984 which is a laser printer. This blog discusses the importance and steps for installation & set up an HP Printer via a wireless mode.

How to install & set up an HP Printer instantly?

When it comes to connecting the printer via wireless mode, it is very important that you know some basics of networking!Let me share with you the easy steps to install, set up, and configure the Printer very easily.

If you are looking for an HP Printer wireless setup, here are the three major steps you should remember:

  1. If your printer comes with a Display Panel:

If in case the printer comes with a display panel, you will have a wireless menu that contains a wireless set up wizard. This automatically detects the nearby wireless networks and displays the ones which are detected. You can choose the desired one in which you are willing to connect with the HP Printer.

This also includes HP Mobile Printing and other devices that you can connect very easily. You can enter the wifi password and instantly connect.

  1. If there is no Display Panel

In the second case, there are HP Wireless Direct connection, printers which don’t have a display panel can also be connected easily. This can be done with a USB set up in a wireless mode. You need a temporary USB cable to connect to the printer & the computer. By doing so, you will receive the configuration of the computer & the printer.

In this case, you should remember that both the computer and printer should be connected to a wireless network set up.

2. Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Yet another way for HP Wireless Direct is through HP setup wifi direct. This method includes a couple of ways:

  1. The first one is with the Push button method. First, you should initiate WPS on the printer such that the printer will be asking to join the network. Next, you should push the button on the router such that the network knows the printer for connection.
  2. The second method for HP setup wifi direct is via PIN. The printer should provide the PIN number which needs to be entered into the router.

Remember, in all these three methods you can perform HP Mobile Printing. You can also connect with other devices as well without any doubts. However, make sure your system and printer remain updated with the latest version.

How to install an HP Wireless Direct Software? 

Right off the bat, you should check if the printer is on the latest feature. Also, ensure the printer and computer are fully compatible with the installation. Additionally, both devices should be connected to the same network to get started.

  1. You should follow the instructions stated on the screen until you get a popup “Connection Type”.
  2. Secondly, you should choose either any of the three options:
  • Through the Network
  • Network
  • Wireless

This usually depends on the type of software you are using. In most of the cases, the printer automatically detects and finds the wireless setting for you.

  1. Follow the instructions stated on the screen to install the printer for HP Mobile Printing.

If you have already connected to the network previously, and install the software, then the printer would automatically detect the network available. On the other hand, if your printer finds it difficult to detect a network, you can check for options available on “Advanced Search”.

You can also use a USB set up for a wireless connection for HP Mobile Printing. Make sure it is compatible for both your system and printer. Remember, you should not connect USB to your device unless it asks you to connect. Also, ensure both of them are connected to the same network for an easy and enhanced connection.

Who can help me with the installation, set up & configuration process for my HP Printer?

If this is your question, you can get in touch with customer service providers who can help you with this done. They also have the desired set of experience in this and can offer you a relevant solution including HP Mobile Printing and other devices as well!

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