HP is a tech giant that is famous for its excellent quality product range of printers, laptops, and other computer accessories. The HP printing solutions are widely popular amongst the customers due to their features and reliability. If you are facing HP Printer Offline Issue, then this is the place where you will get extended help.

Here is a detailed overview about How to fix HP Printer Offline Issue. If you want to know further on this, you can choose to keep reading on.

How to fix HP Printer Offline Issue?

The truth is that there is a multitude of methods that can help in fixing the issues related to HP Printer Offline problems. While technically the printers work absolutely fine in online mode, one cannot ignore the technical complications when the printer entirely goes offline.

However, some glitches occur while using HP printers due to one reason or the other. A frequently occurring error in the HP printer is that the printer goes offline without any reason. It is indeed frustrating when you are doing some important work and get stuck in the middle. It is not easy for everyone to fix HP Printer Offline Issue without professional’s help.

It seems technology cannot offer an error-free printing experience. However, technology definitely works best to provide high-end printers. But if you recently had an HP Printer Offline Issue, it would be best to get in touch with a support team. Or maybe, you can try your hands on troubleshooting your printer related problem? So, let’s begin with why exactly the printer says that it is offline.

What do you think, what might be the cause?

Generally speaking, HP Printer Offline Issue and other problems can be huge. And one major issue is when the printer goes offline. So, what makes the printer go offline? It’s a machine so it might have a hard time communicating with the computer. If you have an old printer, please check whether it has loose or damaged connections.

Is there any problem with your printer driver or software? Have you been following all the updates and installed them accordingly? If no, HP Printer Offline Issue might be due to any one of the reasons: Here are some of the common factors why your HP printer goes offline without any apparent reason:

  • Issues with your Wi-Fi connectivity-

Fix HP Printer Offline Issue and change the printer from offline to online, you need to know the most crucial aspect that caused your printer to go offline. It might be that your Wi-Fi is not working properly. For this purpose, you can check the connection of your Wi-Fi and what exactly caused such an issue.

If you see the Wi-Fi is not connected to the device, it is fundamental to restart both the printer as well as router. HP Printer Offline problems is very common. But if is easy to get rid of them if you seek assistance for experienced HP printer support professionals.

Damaged or loose cable connections

If you have a wired printer at home or office, the cause apparently is because of the loose or damaged cable connections. Before calling the HP support team, you need to ensure that the cable connections are okay. To ensure it, the best thing to do is to check the connections and cable wires. If you find any wire damaged, then it is safer to contact an electrician and replace the wires in the first place. It will ensure to walk one step closer and Fix HP Printer Offline Issue.

Problem with your printer driver or software

If you check that the problem is in the printer driver or the software, it is better to perform a couple of steps. For this reason, you can perform these steps.

STEP 1: You need to unplug the printer and then restart it.

STEP 2: The next thing that you need to do is to check the wireless connection or the wired connection.

STEP 3: After this, you will have to reinstall or uninstall the printer and follow the fourth step accordingly.

STEP 4: Upon doing so, it is crucial to install the most current driver of the printer.

STEP 5: Now, it is pivotal to run the printing troubleshoot.

STEP 6: After this step, you will require clearing and resetting the printing spooler.

STEP 7: Now, it is time to Fix HP Printer Offline Issue by updating the operating system. If it is Windows 7 or 8, you will have to update it to Windows 10.

STEP 8: Now that you have updated the operating system to Windows 10, it is time to perform the last step. In this step, you have to change the status of the printer to the ‘online’ mode.

Updates are not installed frequently

If you see that the printer is in offline mode, another issue that might have caused it is because of the uninstalled updates. In such scenarios when you find your printer to be in offline mode, it is safer to check for the updates which you have missed out installing. Maybe, these updates would Fix HP Printer Offline Issue.

Now that you know the causes, let’s move on to find some common fixes to bring your printer from offline to online mode.HP Printer Offline Issues are very common, but very few people know what are the appropriate ways to get it connected.

Check the connection: The first port of your work should be double-checking the connection of the printer. You should never hesitate to perform this particular job if you want to fix HP Printer Offline Issue.

Look at the network cable that connects your printer to your router and check your USB cable that connects your printer to the computer or laptop. Are the connections look as they are working best? Just try moving the cables to the alternative ports. Anyone who is facing HP Printer Offline Issue must connect to efficient professionals to solve this issue.

Do you own a wireless printer?

No matter how difficult checking the connection can become, here is the quick fix. If you own an HP printer, the first thing you do here enters the ‘set-up’ mode. Confirm the network setting on your printer. As soon as you see the current status of the network, you can proceed to print. But if there are extended problems that arise, please stop everything else and restart the printer. We have experienced professionals to help you with HP Printer Offline Issue. 

How Can You Fix HP Printer Offline Issue?

Probably, these are the most effective ways to Fix HP Printer Offline Issue. To get a fix of the HP Printer Offline problems, you can follow these ways. Given below are the points that elucidate the basics of resolving the issues. And if you fail to troubleshoot, you can always contact the hp support team.

  • Restarting the printer: It might happen when you see your printer connection is working fantastically, but there is a printing problem as it is offline, then you need to do something about it. What you can do is try restarting the printer. After rebooting it, if the model works fantastic, then congratulations, you don’t need to work on the other steps. If you see the offline mode again, kindly proceed with the next process, as it might help you get a troubleshooting result.
  • Check the cables: If you see warn-out cables or wires, then your printer problem has arisen because of the worn-out and damaged wires. You always need to ensure that both the ends of the USB cable are properly inserted inside the ports. Try using another USB cable or USB port to see if the issue lies in your cable or port. Also, check your network connectivity and make sure you are using a secure connection. Did you fail with this process? Don’t you worry because you can follow the following process conveniently!
  • Cancel or clear all the print jobs: Remember that you have to cancel or clear off all your printing jobs to bring your printer to online mode. For this reason, it is imperative to follow what has been mentioned here. Try canceling all the print requests given to the HP printer. Now, see if your printer status is online. If yes, you can print your documents now. What you can do is right-click on the device and printer. After this, you will have to choose the ‘remove device’ option accordingly. After this, it is crucial to add the printer once again by selecting the option that mentions “add a printer” from the device & printer.
  • Set the printer online manually: Now, you need to understand that your printer has gone offline, and it has become difficult to bring it back online. This is where setting the printer through the manual process has its own share of importance in the times when you are stuck in the middle and don’t know what to do. Be careful because if you are stuck in the middle, you have to clear all your printing jobs before opting for this process. To start off, go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ and right-click to select the “See what’s printing” option. From the top bar, choose ‘printer’ and click on ‘Choose printer online’.

 Reinstall the printer drivers: It is essential to reinstall the printer in case you see the issue still persists. What you can do is just try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer driver or software. You must install the timely updates that you receive from HP for your printer. If this does not help, try opting for the next and the final process here.

  • Removing printer drivers & packages: You need to ensure that you are using the Windows operating system as the admin, or you can sign in as one! You should try typing CMD in the search box. With the command prompt, you should open the “printui /s /t2” that includes the spaces for opening the window that mentions ‘Print Server Properties’.

Now, it is essential to remove the driver & package for the printer. You can even add the printer once again by choosing the ‘Add the printer from device & printer” The printer will apparently show that it is online and allow your job of printing. And if you see the problem still persists, then it is the right time to consult with the experts today!

Take help from the experts

If nothing helps you resolve the issue, don’t worry. You can contact the professionals at the HP customer care number. We are available 24 X 7 to help solve your HP Printer Offline Issue  and other problems remotely. You can tell us your HP printer bugs, and get a solution quickly.