Many people raise concerns about Fix PCL XL Error On HP Printer in front of HP professionals. Are you also using Hp printer? This piece of content intends to educate people about fixing above mentioned error.

The HP is indeed one of the most trusted and high ranked brands when it comes to printers. There has been constant upsurge in the buying percentage of HP printers over the years. They have not looked back since have hit the ground. The brand can be considered as an esteemed leader when it comes to wide format technologies and there are many reasons behind that. Fast printing speed, advanced features, reliability, versatility, modularity, scalability are some of the prominent reasons why these printers are leading the choices and preferences of a substantial percentage of buyers at present.

Fix PCL XL Error in HP Printer

                                               How to Fix PCL XL Error on HP Printers

However, there are always certain errors that you will have to encounter when you are using a printer. The faults and errors do not have t do anything with the brand or quality of printer that you are using. One of the common errors in the Hewlett Packard printers is the PCL XL Error! The PCL XL Error is one of the most common encounters that HP laser jet printer users experience.

How do you know it is a PCL XL Error?

While printing documents, users often see that their HP printer is often returning only one sheet, instead of printing the documents, the sheet has PCL XL written on it. This error might occur due to a problem in the driver or the printer having difficulty to translate certain images, any unique font or processing the information for printing. If you want to DIY Fix PCL XL Error on HP Printer, consider the following solutions.

Fix 1:Upgrading the driver of your printer

This is one of the foremost solutions that are recommended when you are facing a PCL XL Error. A damaged driver of HP printer can often invite the particular error. Hence, one of the leading ways to Fix PCL XL Error on HP Printer is to upgrade the existing HP printer driver you are using to the most recent version that is often suggested by its manufacturers. Follow these steps for upgrading your printer driver!

  • Get access to the device manager.
  • Visit the website of the manufacturer and download the driver.
  • Now, upgrade all of the drivers with the help of a driver updater.

How to get access to the device manager?

  • On your task bar, right click the windows icon
  • Now select the device manager from list
  • From the device list, find the printer
  • Now right click the opting and select the particular driver.

How to get the driver downloaded from website?

Sometimes the system can miss out on the right driver update that is required. Hence, even if you have checked the device manager, it is important that you take a look at the manufacturer’s site. This will help you find the right version of printer driver. It is important that you spot the one that is quite compatible with your processor or system. Or else you will have to experience problems with system instability in the long run and you do not want that.

Update your Drivers with the right Updater to fix the PCL XL Error

Upgrading your driers manually can be quite time-taking and also risky. Hence, it is recommended that you install a suitable updater. Once you install and activate the particular program, it shall start to detect the version of OS and type of the processor automatically. With just few clicks you will be able to resolve all of the driver-based problems in your system. This will also accelerate the computer’s performance.

Fix 2: Renaming files that are linked to your printer

This is the second attempt that you can make. Many users have stated that they couldFix PCL XL Error on HP Printer by just renaming certain files. Follow these steps.

  • Press the keys Key+E as this will launch the file explorer
  • Then navigate to the particular location
  • Drive C –Windows – System 32 – spool – drivers – x64 -3
  • Then you will have to filter the specific files displaying just the ones with a GDP extension. For this, click on the arrow that is located beside ‘Type.’
  • Then highlight the GDP file
  • Rename the files as you like. But before you are renaming the files, it is recommended that you create the backup at first.
  • Now save all changes you have made and restart your system

After your system is booted, try to print something. See if the PCL XL Error disappeared. If it hasn’t disappeared yet, try this fix!

Fix 3: Tweak the settings of your printer

In case your system has a wrong printing configuration, you might need to Fix PCL XL Error on HP Printer.For fixing this, follow these instructions.

  • To fix the PCL XL Error, press Windows Key+Ron your keyboard. This will help you launch the dialog box, ‘Run.’
  • Within this dialogue box, simply type ‘Control panel.’ Click the option ‘Ok.’
  • Snow select small icons or large icons right from the drop-down menu just beside the option of view-by!
  • Now begin by clicking on devices and printers.
  • Right click on the printer that is has been affected by the particular error.
  • Select the printing preferences option
  • Now access the ‘advanced tab’ option.
  • Now change the send true type into Bitmap as enabled and reset the TrueType Fond to download in soft font.
  • Then save the changes, click on applies and finally OK.
  • Then restart both your system and your printer
  • As your system is booted, print another document to check if the error is finally gone!

By using the above-mentioned fixes, you will be able to solve you PCL XL Error 95% of the times. Bu in rare cases, there might be a more significant problem hampering your printer performance causing other errors or the PCL XL Error. In that case, feel free to use the hp support number for specific recommendations from company representatives. Also, if you are having difficulty performing the steps that are explained above, feel free to seek assistance from the HP customer care support.