Are you facing trouble due to the HP Printer network scanner connection error for Mac device? Keep reading this article to find a solution to your problem.

HP Printers are well-known devices for their printing and scanning capabilities, but they are prone to errors as well, just like any other equipment.However, HP is well prepared to combat these errors and has designed a couple of tools and software like HP Printer Assistant and HP print and scan doctor.

Network Scanner Connection Error HP Printer

How to Fix Network Scanner Connection Error on HP Printer

You can use these tools to fix various errors in your HP printers such as network scanner error for Mac, scanner not scanning, page alignment issues, and plenty more. One of the most frequent problems with your HP printer is the unresponsive scanner feature, or your Mac is unable to communicate with the scanner.

Before eliminating any error, you must know the exact reason causing the issue, or else the process will become time-consuming. Many of our clients have asked the troubleshooting steps to fix HP Printer Network Scanner Connection issue, and that’s why we have prepared this comprehensive guide to terminate the error.

What can you expect from this guide? You will get to know the reasons for the scanner network error for Mac and the straight forward troubleshooting steps. Let’s get started.

HP Printer network scanner connection error for Mac- Why it occurred?

There could be multiple reasons for HP printer – network scanner connection error for Mac.

  • Your Mac device is not able to recognize the scanner.
  • Your scanner is unable to connect with your Mac device due to the slow internet speed.
  • The error could occur due to corrupted or improperly installed scanner drivers and software.
  • If your scanner is in On mode, but not used for more than two hours, there are chances of offline or network connectivity errors.
  • The wireless router placed too far may also result in a scanner network connection error.

Steps to fix HP Printer Network Scanner Connection error

Step 1. Check the prerequisites

  1. Place your router near to your HP printer, and the distance should be five feet.
  2. There shouldn’t be any obstruction between the router and printer.
  3. Make sure to keep other signalled devices away from your printer and network set up.
  4. Check the network connection light on the router box; they should indicate the excellent network signal strength.
  5. Connect your HP printer and Mac over the same network, and no other device should share your internet.
  6. Try restarting your scanner and Macintosh computer to fix the HP Printer network scanner connection error for Mac.
  7. Ensure your printer is connected to the wall socket; you should avoid docking stations as they do not provide proper connection.
  8. In the case of a wired Ethernet network, you must check for any frayed or loose wires.
  9. All the above points are well taken care of? Then move to step two and start troubleshooting.

Step 2. Reset the system

  1. Turn on your Mac device and click the Apple
  2. Choose System Preferences from the list and select Printers & Scanners.
  3. Now you can right-click anywhere on the new window and click Reset Printing System.
  4. Further, click Reset again to confirm and click Ok.

HP Printer network scanner connection error for Mac is fixed? No! Not a problem, move to the next step.

Step 3. Install HP Print and Scan Doctor tool

  1. Open the safari browser on your Mac device.
  2. Now you need to type HP Print and scan doctor and hit enter.
  3. Click the first search result and download the tool to your Mac device.
  4. Now navigate to the download location on your Mac and look for the exe file.
  5. Double-click over it and follow the instructions on your screen to install it on your Mac.
  6. Now run this tool, and it will detect and fix the HP Printer network scanner connection error for Mac.

If the problem still exists, you will have to uninstall and reinstall the HP printer drivers by following the next steps.

Step 4. Uninstall and Reinstall the Printer driver

  1. Make sure to disconnect the USB cable from your printer and Mac.
  2. Click the Finder icon on your Mac.
  3. Now in the next window, click Go>Applications>HP folder.
  4. Now look for the HP uninstaller in the folder, double click over it to uninstall.
  5. If you do not find the uninstaller, then delete the HP folder by dragging it to the Trash files and empty the Trash folder.
  6. Now visit the web page and enter your printer model name to download the latest printer driver and software.

Step 5. Fix network connection errors

The HP Printer network scanner connection error for Mac occurs due to internet issues. Let’s proceed to fix them.

  1. Firstly, you will need to turn off your HP printer and, after 10 seconds,unplug the power cord.
  2. Now turn off your Mac device.
  3. After that, connect the power cord back to your printer and turn it on.
  4. Now disconnect the power cord from your router and connect it back after 10 seconds.
  5. Turn on your Mac, and now all devices are ready to make new connections.
  6. Now you will need to press the Wireless icon on your printer control panel.
  7. Further click Setup (Gear icon)>Restore Network Defaults. And click Yes on the confirmation.
  8. Now click Wireless Settings>Wireless Setup Wizard.
  9. Scroll the list and search for your wireless network. You can enter it manually as well at the bottom of the list.
  10. Now enter the network password and click Done.

Now you can scan any document through your HP printer and share it with anyone via Mac computer.

Contact HP printer experts

All these steps will help you fix the HP Printer Network Scanner Connection error for Mac. Most of our clients have resolved this issue in the initial stage. However, if you failed to fix it initially, then do not feel demotivated because we have provided a five-step solution, which eventually will help you terminate the error in a later stage.

We also have a well-experienced team of experts who can help you troubleshoot any scanner or printer-related problem quickly. Just give us a call at our HP printer support number and get the prompt response.