Pressing the power button on your printer should bring it to the printing mode. But sometimes, it doesn’t. You keep hitting the power button repeatedly, but it doesn’t work. What’s the issue? Is your printer dead? Or the wires are faulty? Whenever such a problem occurs, you will need to keep calm and think wisely as to where things went wrong. However, to fix the HP printer does not turn on issue, you can follow the trial and error method, which involves examining the printer wires, power plug, printer power switch, and plenty more.

HP Printer does not On

How to Fix an HP Printer That Doesn’t Turn On?

These are the probable malfunctioned areas that you can check to diagnose the printer won’t turn on issue. This article covers all practical steps that will help you fix the problem from the basic troubleshooting to a bit advanced. Let’s begin.

Quick steps to Fix HP printer when it does not turn on

Indeed these steps are quick, simple, and anybody can do them without any technical expertise. If you can simply tweak the wires and examine the ports and sockets, you will be doing the troubleshooting efficiently.

Step 1. Visual Inspection and reconnecting the wire

The first step is to visually examine your HP printer for any frayed or loose wire connection. The printer’s power supply includes an external power module and power cord. Also, it would help if you use an excellent cable to provide the optimal power to your printer. Sometimes, the printer software does not allow the device to turn on, maybe due to the open printer doors or cartridge panel. Primarily, it would help if you try to restart your printer after disconnecting the wires, examine them, and after 60 seconds, reconnect the main power to your HP printer. Also, blow the dust from the wire connectors using a canned air before plugging them to the slots and ensuring that the printer cover or component should not be lying open.

Step 2. Examine the wall outlet

To fix HP Printer that doesn’t turn on, you must check the power supply. The best way is to connect some other appliances to the wall socket without using the surge protector for connection. You can follow these steps to get an assurance of the power in the wall outlet.

  1. Unplug the power cable from your HP printer.
  2. Now disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet.
  3. Take another home appliance (be sure that it’s operational) and connect it to the same wall outlet.
  4. Now turn on the power switch to check if the appliance works.
  5. Oh, it’s working! Do not feel bad, and after 60 seconds, connect your printer to the same wall outlet. Do not use the surge protector.
  6. Now turn on the power button on the wall outlet and your printer.
  7. Check the internal power module indicator light of your printer (it could be on cartridge access area or at the back of some printer models).
  8. If the light glows, abort the troubleshooting, and if it doesn’t, proceed to the next step.
Step 3. Check the printer power button

The printer power button is a soft power-switch that doesn’t practically disconnect or connect the power, but it helps in executing the printer on/off. Here is how you can verify the printer power switch.

  1. Connect the power cord to your printer and the wall socket.
  2. Now press and release the power button and make sure not to hold it.
  3. Wait for your printer to turn on and after 10 seconds, press the power button again.
  4. If still, the printer light remains off, then proceed to the next step to fix the HP printer that does not turn on.
Step 4. Printer with internal power supply (built-in AC Adapters)

If your HP Printer has a built-in power unit and uses a single power cable (non-detachable), then you can not examine it. If you have tested the power outlet as per step 2 and that’s working fine, you will have to take help from experts. However, in some cases, the printers with built-in AC adapters have the detachable cord that might match your computer’s cable. You can use those cords and check the fault.

Step 5. Printer with external power supply (detachable power cord)

If your printer has an external AC adapter with a detachable cord, then you can use another one to find if the existing cable is faulty. Besides, you can also try to use the AC adapter and a low-voltage wire on your printer, and if still, your printer doesn’t start, then you must take it to the printer specialist to fix the HP printer does not turn on problem. Also, to check the authenticity of the low-voltage wire and AC adapter, you can connect them to another printer of identical make and model. If another printer also didn’t turn on, then the cord and adapter must be faulty.

Step 6. Replacing the power module

If nothing worked until now, then you will have to replace the power module in your printer. You can order a new part from HP’s online store or buy offline from a local HP retailer. To replace, unscrew the power module from your HP printer and then assemble the new part. However, it might need technical expertise, so consider calling the HP printer experts to replace the module, and to fix the HP printer does not turn on.

HP Printer doesn’t turn on? Get the solution from printer experts

Hopefully, these six steps helped you fix the printer to turn on issues. While troubleshooting, if you need to replace any component, then get it from an authorized HP retailer. Most of the time, using substandard quality wires creates trouble in the printer. Also, do not try to replace the part that you are not trained for, instead consider taking help from the printer experts by calling on the HP customer service number. The professionals and technicians will help you to fix the problems in your printer.