The HP printer not printing at all is annoying, but it is not writing on the left side or prints partially, making the users furious. If you are also the one facing this problem, then you are not alone. Many users have reported in our forums that their HP printer is not printing color, or its just printing partially. This problem can occur due to several reasons such as poor paper quality, ink cartridge wear, irregular paper surface, or damping on one side of the paper.

HP printer is not printing on Left Side of Page

How to Fix an HP Printer Not Printing on Left Side of Page

Sometimes, the printer not printing on the left side problem occurs only in a few applications such as word or maybe Internet Explorer. While apart from them, the HP Printer works well with other apps. In some instances, additional functionality like copying is working fine, but there is an issue with printing. If you also encounter a similar situation, then most likely it’s just a settings related problem. This tutorial will cover all the steps to eliminate the HP printer not printing on the left side of the document. However, if you are receiving the total blank printouts, then also you can refer to this guide.

Why is my HP printer not printing black ink on the left side of the paper?

Well, if your HP Printer is not printing the black ink, then it could be a specific ink cartridge issue. It could be dried and empty, or you might not be using the genuine ink cartridge. However, this issue can also arise if you have not used your printer for quite a long time, or your printing device needs maintenance. Here is how you can diagnose the exact problem.

  1. Firstly, assemble your printer if you have dismantled any of its components.
  2. Now remove the existing papers from the feeder tray.
  3. Get a new stack of papers and insert only 10-15 pages in the feeder tray.
  4. The replacement with new pages will reveal whether dampness on the previous pages is causing HP Printer not printing on the left side or its something else.
  5. Further, open the MS Word or Internet Explorer and open a document with loads of HD images, graphics, and text.
  6. Now print that particular page and examine the printouts. If the page prints well, then the problem was with the previous set of pages. And if still the printing issue exists, then move to the next step.
  7. Check the ink levels in your printer. Most HP printers come with low ink level indicators. You can do the visual inspection of ink cartridges.
  8. Open the cartridge access door, safely remove the toner from their slots and check them. If you found them low, then order the new ink from HP offline or online store.
  9. Additionally, you must download the HP Printer Assistant or HP Smart App to know the reasons causing HP not printing black or color. Also, these apps can monitor the ink level and order supplies when needed.
  10. 10. After receiving the new cartridge, unpack it, and hold it along the sides and insert them into their respective slots. And then close the ink cartridge access door.
    1. Now again open the browser or Word program, and print the same graphics or HD image-filled document.
    2. Examine the printer page, and if you are satisfied with the print quality, then abort the troubleshooting. If you are not okay or there is no improvement at all, then proceed to the next step down the article.

    Is your HP Printer not printing? Check the copy function

    The next step is to check if your HP Printer is copying well or not. To verify that, you simply need to put the printed document face down on top of the scanner glass and load pages in the feeder tray. Now press the copy button on your HP printer and examine the copied page. If you are getting excellent quality copies, then follow these steps.

    For Windows users

    1. Turn on your PC that connects with the affected HP printer.
    2. Now click on the Search bar and type Programs and features and hit Enter.
    3. Scroll the list of programs and select your HP printer.
    4. Click over it and choose Uninstall.
    5. Again you will need to click on the search bar and type Devices and Printers and hit Enter.
    6. Now on the new pages, look for your HP printer, when found, right-click over it and select Remove Device
    7. Proceed further and right-click on the Start button and click Run. Alternatively, you can press Windows + R keys on the keyboard to open the Run dialogue box.
    8. Here you need to type exe /s and hit Enter.
    9. The new windows open, here click the Drivers tab and then click on your HP printer. Click Remove to uninstall your device.
    10. After that, click Apply > click Ok.
    11. Reinstall the HP printer- visit the website from your Windows PC.
    12. Click Download driver, under Support.
    13. Click Printer and then enter your HP printer model, click Submit.
    14. Your screen will display the list of available drivers and software.
    15. Download them and install them on your PC by following the on-screen instructions.
    16. Close all the windows, restart your computer, and resume printing operations. Verify if these steps resolve HP Printer not printing the left side page or not.

    For Mac users

    1. If you own a Mac, then click the Apple
    2. Open the System Preferences
    3. Now click on Printers and Scanner. (The options may vary as per different Mac OS version)
    4. On the printer list page, right-click at any blank spot and select Reset Printing System.
    5. Again click Reset and then username and password and click Ok.
    6. Recheck that no devices are there on the list.
    7. Further, restart your Mac and click Apple icon > System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.
    8. Now click Add Printer option and choose your printer from the list.
    9. You can also select the options Print Using > AirPrint.
    10. Hopefully, these steps will resolve the HP printer not printing color or black.

    Still unable to fix the partial printing problem? Try these fixes

    The problem might be occurring due to incorrect page setup, and to rectify it, you can follow these steps.

    Step 1. Correct page setup and settings

    Under the page settings options of the printers section, you must NOT perform these settings.

    • Manual duplexing
    • Print odd pages
    • Print every other page
    • Print odd pages
    • Print on both sides and other such settings.

    Well, then what settings YOU MUST PREFER to fix HP printer not printing issue? Here are those.

    • Print all pages
    • To print every page

    So, these are the DO’s and DONT’s of page setup. And what if some part of your page is missing, such as the left side? Then you must verify that the page settings are matching with the type of paper you are using.

    Step 2. Fix Print Spooler Service

    The Print Spooler stores the data to print, and sometimes the leftover data creates partial printing issues. To fix the problem, follow these steps.

    1. Press the Windows + R key together to open the Run dialogue box.
    2. Now you need to type msc and hit Enter.
    3. The services windows open, and here look for Print Spooler.
    4. Right-click over it and click Stop from the drop-down list.
    5. These steps will remove the print queues, and now you will have to clear the Print Spooler jams. Follow the next pointers to do that.
    6. Navigate to the C drive on your computer and then open the Windows folder.
    7. Scroll the list and double click on the System32
    8. Ignore all the warning and alert messages, double-click Spool > open the Printers
    9. Now select all the files within and delete them to clear the jam and fix HP not printing black or partial printout issues.
    10. Furthermore, you will need to go back to the Print Spooler services and start them again. You just learned to stop them at the beginning of step 2, and you can repeat the same process to start the Print Spooler.

    Step 3. Dodgy USB cable

    Indeed, the USB cable connected with your printer and computer might be the culprit for partial printing errors. You can switch to the new USB cable, and also connect it to the different USB port on the computer for complete assurance on the connection part. You can try to print and verify if it fixes the HP printer not printing color, black or partial printouts.

    Facing problems in printing? Contact HP Printer support

    It’s ubiquitous to face printing problems with your HP printers. However, the situation gets problematic when the users encounter partial printing issues or missing printouts on one side. This guide covers all the tested and trialed solutions, which will help you terminate the problem. If you still face any issue with your HP printer, you can immediately contact our HP Support number. Our technicians and experts are always ready to help you combat the printing issues.