How to check HP Printer ink levels depends on the model of your printer. What if we tell you that you are able to forecast future events? Well, it may sound fishy! But the thing is you can really make some minor predictions when the context is about small day-to-day tasks. For instance, you can accurately predict the amount of ink still left in your HP printer and when exactly you need to order a new toner.

Check HP Printer Ink and Toner Levels2

Check HP Printer Ink and Toner Levels

There is no denying the fact that HP printers are renowned worldwide for advanced features and excellent printing along with superior functionality. With the availability of several models and types, users have the ultimate freedom to select a printer that caters to their needs effectively. So, let’s explore the ways to check HP printer ink levels.

Checking HP printer ink levels from your computer’s control panel

Various HP printers let you check the ink level through the control panel. These models usually include the HP Photosmart 5510 Printer, HP Officejet Pro, etc. Note that the top-end printer variants of HP always depict the toner levels on the control panel. Here is the list of steps to follow to check HP printer ink levels.

  • Navigate to the control panel and locate icons related to a cartridge, toner level, or ink drop.
  • Click on the icon to check the ink levels.

Ways to check ink levels while using a Mac

You must install the HP printer software in your Mac to check the ink or toner levels effortlessly. Follow these steps to determine the amount of ink left in the printer.

  • Go to Apple menu and click on system preferences
  • Subsequently, select scanner and printer or Print and Scan
  • Select your HP printer from the drop down menu
  • Click on order and supplies
  • Click on the tab relating to supplies which would portray the remaining ink level

If you are stuck in the middle or cannot find specific menus, contact the HP printer support team at the earliest. They would help you to troubleshoot the problem quickly.

Steps involved in checking HP printer ink levels in Windows

If specific colors in your print jobs aren’t being illustrated correctly, you are probably low on ink. A majority of modern-day printers allow you to keep a tab on the ink and toner levels right from your computer. For instance, if you are using an HP printer, you have to install the HP smart app, which would tell you the amount of ink left.

It is available for free in the Windows store and is quite easy to install. In many cases, checking the back of your computer also helps. It is because, at times, loose connections may contribute to the cause of low ink level warning. So let’s explore the ways through which you can check ink or toner levels in Windows.

  • Checking ink level with HP printer software

HP has a specialized app in place to assist its users in predicting the amount of ink left in their HP printers. HP Printer Assistant is one such tool which would help you to maintain a tab on the amount of ink left in your printer. It is available in all the printers that are manufactured after 2009.

  • Using the HP Smart App to check ink levels in the printer

It is worth mentioning here that the use of HP Smart App is limited only to Windows 10 Operating System. You cannot use it if you are running an OS version less than Windows 10. To download the HP Smart App, you have to go to the Windows store. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, add your printer. The HP Smart App even lets you view the ink levels on its home screen.

How to check HP printer ink levels in other Windows OS?

Here are some steps which would help you to check ink levels in other Windows OS.

  • Navigate to devices and printers from the Start menu
  • Click on devices and printers to see the devices connected to your computer
  • Click the printer to check the level of the ink. You can see the toner level at the bottom of the status area

You would be able to check the ink levels if you follow the above steps sincerely. Don’t shy away from contacting the HP printer support team if you are not able to check the ink level. They would help you with step-by-step guidance.