If you were surfing to know how to add hp printer to mac, then now you have arrived at the right place. To add hp printer to mac is not a difficult process and just requires a few steps to do that. Below we have described in an easy and detailed way the steps required that are required to perform this task. So follow and let us know in case you find trouble in doing so.

add hp printer to Mac

How to add hp printer to MacBook


So to add hp printer to MacBook, first you need to set up your hardware and then you have to install the latest hp driver for your printer.

STEP 1: Prepare For The Hardware Setup

Do the following steps to set up your printer.

  1. Turn on your printer and make it in a ready state.
  2. Buy a USB cable of 3 metres length.
  3. Check if you have an available USB port on your computer.

We advise you to use the PC port alone without any USB hub or docking station. Using an intermediate or junction may not be able to provide enough power to your printer for smooth operation.

  1. Disconnect your USB cable from your printer and do not reconnect it until instructed during the driver installation.

STEP 2: Install The Driver And Set Up Your HP Printer Connection

To install the driver, you can either download the HP Easy Start installation app or download the full feature driver from the HP site.

  1. Visit 123.hp.com where you will be prompted to enter your printer model number. Provide the details and click Begin.

Depending on the Printer and Mac OS, the page will provide you with the option to download either the HP Easy Start app for the driver installation, or you will be directed for a full feature driver download.

  • If you can download the HP Easy Start installation app, then you can feasibly complete the full installation by following the instructions on the way.
  • If you are NOT able to download the HP Easy Start installation app, then continue to the next steps.
  1. Visit HP official website and go to HP Software and Drivers Download Section. You will be prompted to enter your printer model and OS. Provide the details.
  2. Under the option Driver-Product Installation Software, you may find HP Easy Start app and/or HP. dmg for full feature driver to download. Click on Download for downloading the software.
  3. Select USB if you are prompted for a printer connection type.
  4. If your printer has a scanner functionality, ensure the HP Scan or HP Easy Scan is selected to enable the scan functionality.
  5. If you are instructed to add your printer in the printer queue menu, click the name of your printer and then click. Click on the Use or Print Using menu and select your printer from the pop-up menu. Now click Add to add your printer.
  6. Get back to your installer to complete your installation process.
  7. You are done and you can now print, scan and fax!

So above was the simple procedure to add hp printer to mac. You will certainly be able to set up your printer following the same or you may need to contact HP printer support in case you struggle to do so.