If you have a printer and don’t know the way to proceed further for Google Cloud Print Setup, then this post will give you a fair indication. The setup steps should be carried in a right sequence to get positive outcome. Try following steps and you will be able to do print setup all by yourself. in case of any technical glitch while trying these steps, talk to professionals who can assist you step by step.

Step 1: For Google Cloud Print Setup, the first step needs to connect the device to the Wi-Fi. For that, you have to turn the printer on. Next, you will have to join the Wi-Fi network. You can follow the instructions written on the printer’s manufacturer guide. You have to turn the computer on. After this, you will need to connect the computer to the Wi-Fi network as that of the printer.

Step 2: To proceed with the next step for Google Cloud Print Setup, you will require figuring out whether or not the printer is now cloud-ready. You will have to visit the printer page and then search for the manufacturer as well as a model of the printer. Now check these very carefully:

  • In case the name of the printer has the “v2” right next to it, then the printer happens to be cloud-ready with version 2.0.
  • In case the name does not have the “v2,” then the printer happens to be cloud-ready with version 1.0.
  • In case the printer doesn’t have its mention, it is not cloud-ready. However, it connects to the Wi-Fi, you can always set up the printer with the Google Cloud Print.

Step 3: Now, you can easily connect the printer to the Google Cloud Print. Thus, the process of Google Cloud Print Setup comes to an end.

How to fix problems when you cannot set up the printer?

You can try the following steps in case you fail to set up your printer.

Step 1: You should always run the latest Chrome version and process further.

Step 2: Next, you will have to turn the printer off, and then switch it on again.

Step 3: In case you cannot set up your printer, then follow this:

If the printer is cloud-ready, then check out the printer and whether or not it has Google Cloud Print switched on. In case you do not know the way, you can check the manufacturer’s support website of the printer or even check the manual.

Step 4: Then, you will have to contact the printer manufacturer for more help. Following these steps in a correct sequence can help you get rid of this issue. If you have any other doubt, facing glitches while trying above-mentioned steps, or want to know more, feel free to connect hp printer customer service and get instant assistance.