Worried about communication failure of your mac and HP printer? Then learn How to add HP printer to Mac.  HP has been a flag bearer for technological advancements in printing and other areas. In order to get the ultimate printing experience from HP printers through mac you should know the proper and authenticated process to add HP printer to mac devices. There are number of ways to connect your printer to mac such as direct Wi-Fi, AirPrint (Wireless printing), and print through mobile.

Fixes for Mac failing to communicate with HP Printer

Now at times you might get stuck with your mac unable to connect or communicate with your HP Printer. This becomes quite frightening situation sometimes because it hampers your work flow and thus frustrating you to some extent. What if we provide you with the best remedies so that you can get rid of mac failing to communicate with your HP printer? Yes this is your know how guide to help you understand why this problem arises and how to get rid of this.You can also contact the HP Customer Support Phone Number for expert help.

Fix common errors causing communication failure of your mac with HP printer

Before going forward towards advance fixes you should always focus on the common errors. At times we do not sort these small issues and work towards the major ones. These minor issues could be connection errors, loose cables, HP printer drivers setup related issues and alike. Let’s dive in deeper to recognise and sort out these issues:

  1. Ensure tight connections and wires

This fix is at the top spot for an obvious reason. Sometimes your mac is connected to several peripheral devices at a single time and this will result in a complicated web of wires which may probably loosen up the wires.

To ensure proper connection you should disconnect the wires and then reconnect to the mac. Every mac has double USB ports, if one port is not working then connect your HP printer to another USB port. If this works, then it indicates error with the first one. For more clarity contact HP Customer Support Phone Number.

Sometimes due to USB cable been attached to your mac from a long time, there might occur a problem in USB connection functioning. You can try to solve using below methods:

  • At first you need to ensure the printer USB cable is attached to mac and HP Printer.
  • Now from “Apple Menu” you need to open the “System Profiler app”.
  • Then you will have to open “About this mac”.
  • Further you need to click “More Info” tab and then click “Printers”.
  • Now System Profiler window will open, if you are able to locate your HP Printer here that indicates USB cable and connection is fine.
  • If you are unable to locate your HP printer in System Profiler Windows means you need to change the USB cable.
  • Now if you are finding another printer model in the list and having all the drivers and software installed in your mac then try to print with the another model.


  1. Printer Driver issue

If you are not getting results with the usual Hp printer drivers setup software then you should try to print from updated Mac OS X version software.

  • In order to get the good printing experience you should use the new version of Mac software.From your Mac device search for the latest version and install it will prove the performance of your machin
  • Also, if you find the printer driver is missing from your Mac then you can download it from the update section of Mac OS X, visit HP printer website and download the printer driver software for your particular HP printer model.
  • Thereafter you need to follow the on screen instructions to install and download the HP printer drivers setup software that is most suitable to work with macOS latest version.


  1. Rectify the Network Issues


  • To communicate withother devices the file sharing option should be turned on in your Mac and browser should be available.
  • To enable Apple Talk, you need to go to the Apple menu and click “System Preferences”. Now you will have to click “Network” icon and thereafter select the “Advanced Menu”. Then click the “Apple Talk” tab and ✔️mark “Make AppleTalk Active”.
  • If you find another printer activated here then try to print from that printer device.
  • If you are printing wirelessly then add it to your network by connecting it through USB.
  • Important point to remember if you have updated your Mac to new Lion version then this troubleshooting step won’t work because Lion do not support AppleTalk.This step works really well after HP printer driver.
  1. Clear the print job queue
  • After several attempts to print there might be several commands in the queue and hence is the need to clear the print job Queue.
  • To proceed go to the Print and fax options in system preferences and click “Print Queue”. Now chose the particular command and chose the print job.
  • You can also remove the printer by clicking “system preferences” and thereafter click “print and fax” and click the “name of your printer” and select minus sign to remove.
  • Then click plus sign and again add your printer. If this doesn’t solves the problem then delete the printer and add again.
  1. Repair Mac licence

If nothing of the above options works then you need to learn How to add HP printer to Mac! or you can try with the repair permissions and this generally solves the purpose when you have the corrupted system files in your Mac. Follow the below procedure to repair the permissions.

  • Firstly go to the “Applications Folder” and then double click “Utilities”.
  • Further click and open the “Disk Utilities”.
  • Now you need to select the “First Aid” and then on disk utility window click “Hard Drive”.
  • Thereafter click “Repair Disk Permissions” and run the software.
  • Wait for a while until software check for the corrupted permissions in Mac.


This document will help you to find and resolve some of the common errors which you might observe while connecting your Mac to the HP printer. Initially you should begin with the minor errors and then go on towards the bigger ones. The major reason observed behind this communication error is improper connection between printer and Mac and the network connection error. and ultimately if you’re not able to solve the problem with these two measures then you should update the printer driver and repair the permissions. Otherwise you should contact the HP Customer Support Phone Number and take the help of experts.