With technological advancements, renowned electronics brands such as Hewlett-Packard or HP has been drawing significant attention of interested individuals by launching innovative gadgets on the market. HP Sprocket Printer is one such extraordinary innovation by the globally renowned computer & Electronics Company. Though it gives a hassle-free user experience, some people may face certain errors like HP Sprocket Printer Out of Paper Error, out of paper error, etc. If you also face these or any issue, do not panic, just contact professionals to get right guidance. In this piece of content, we will discuss steps to fix out of paper error. But before diving into steps, let us see some essentials we should know about this concern.

What is HP Sprocket Printer?

HP Sprocket Printer is a portable and compact printer that you can carry into your bag and even inside pocket. The rechargeable device allows you to connect your phone with it via Bluetooth to print out colorful photos instantly that you click on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. You can even connect your social media accounts to Sprocket App to print our favorite images at once. Whenever you come across a perfect frame or feel a particular moment needs to be captured, you can do that and instantly create colorful prints.

What is the prime issue one using HP Sprocket Printer encounters?

However, to print photos in a successful way, you need to use Zink/HP photo paper. You may experience an issue frequently once you start using HP Sprocket Printer. The HP Sprocket app may display an out of paper error message primarily due to the absence of updated firmware. Only because of the presence of outdated firmware in the portable printing device, you may not be able to create printable photos as per your wish. If you come across a printer out of paper error issue, you will find that the printer won’t take in any photo paper to load. You will also encounter that the status pointer light consistently flickers and turns red.

To resolve the issue, you need to get in touch with the HP customer support team and do not even think of hiring a technician that is not certified and incompetent. Also, make sure that the HP customer executive who will be resolving the issue is proficient and knowledgeable. Otherwise, you will waste both time and a considerable amount of money.

You should check the network connection and the USB cable before you print photos using the printer. If you are encountering HP Sprocket Printer Out of Paper Error issue with the app, consider connecting the printer with some other devices. Many a time, primarily due to error in connection, printing issue crop up. Before contacting the support team, try to carry out the issue resolving procedures once. 

Top Steps To Resolve HP Sprocket Printer Out of Paper Error

Follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the printing issue effectively:

  • Press OK on the HP Sprocket app to remove the error message
  • Shut down the printer
  • Slide and remove the top cover of the portable HP Sprocket printer
  • Remove loose photo paper if inserted into the photo paper tray within the printing device
  • Try reloading the HP Sprocket photo paper with the blue card. You need to ensure that the blue card is on the bottom position of the photo paper stack and the photo paper with the HP logos.
  • Once the steps mentioned above are done accurately, switch on the HP Printer Assistant and try resending the print work.

You will find that on the execution of the issue-fixing steps correctly, the app will not display an error message anymore, and the device will work fine and allow you to print photos instantly.