If you are facing microphone not working issues in your HP laptop, then certainly you are not the only one. HP laptops and computing devices are known for their quality and durability across the globe.With product lineups such as HP Pavilion, Elite book, ProBook etc. The company is known for making computers for gaming, home and office purposes as well. Hewlett Packard is also known for providing the prompt service with HP Laptop support. 

On many occasions your HP Laptop becomes trustworthy and one of the most common features that you have been using is the Microphone.To talk to your friends or relatives on a video call, to record a song in your Laptop, to get coaching on Zoom calls or to speak to your business associates, your microphone is really cool stuff.

HP Laptop Microphone Not Working

Fix HP Laptop Microphone Not Working

But sometimes due to some technical glitches or outdated audio drivers, you might face an issue with this. Now here is how to Fix HP Laptop Microphone Not Working on your own.

Why HP Laptop microphone is not working? 

There are a various number of reasons behind this issue, the major ones are:

  • Outdated audio driver or in other words the incompatible drivers in your laptop.
  • Another one could be a problem with your microphones hardware or dead batteries.
  • You would have updated your laptop to the Windows 10 then also this problem occurs.
  • Other problems such as the problem with laptop hardware, or windows OS.


How to Fix HP Laptop Microphone Not Working?

Below are some of the quick fixes that will solve the issue with your microphones. Primarily you will have to check the hardware settings of the microphoneand then if needed update the audio drivers of your laptop. Everything is explained in a descriptive way in the following article.


Check your Microphone-

In the first step, you need to check your microphone because any issue in this device sometimes creates a lot of problems. Check for the volume button in your microphone and move it to near maximum.

Use the microphone in another laptop, if still unresponsive then the problem might be there with this device, follow the solutions given below and if it doesn’t solve the problem then change the microphone.

Else if your microphone is working on another Laptop then proceed to the next solution Update the Audio Driver.

Before diagnosing ensure that your microphone is plugged into your laptopproperly and it is working well. The power source to your microphone should be correct, that may involve the good batteries and if the external power source is required then the cord should not be cut with proper connection to the wall socket.

If the microphonenot working issues still remain the same then proceed to the next step.


Laptop Audio Driver Update- 

In this step, your laptop will automatically check for any audio driver update and download if available.

  1. Turn on your Laptop and connect to a stable internet connection.
  2. Now on search bar type and enter the “Device Manager.
  3. Thereafter a new screen will pop up and click open “Sound, Video and games Controllers”, from the drop-down list right-click “High definition Sound hardware”.
  4. From the list select Update driver.

Now click on automatically search for updated driver software, and your Windows system will look for an update and download if it founds any.You can see the progress bar on the screen when the download finishes.

Use HP Support for Audio Check- 

This section will check the audio of your device using a free tool from HP Support Assistant.

  1. Turn on your Laptop and search for HP Support Assistant in your Laptop search bar.
  2. If you can’t find in your Laptop then download the software by searching for HP Support Assistant in your browser and click “Download”.
  3. Wait for a while now and thesoftware will be installed in your Laptop.
  4. Now double click the “HP Support Assistant” icon on your Laptop.
  5. A new screen will open up, now click on the name of your Laptop in My Devices tab.
  6. New tabs will open downwards, find and click “Troubleshooting and Fixes” then click “Audio Check”.
  7. Again a new screen will open up and click “Next” here.
  8. Now check the status of your audio device on Audio Diagnostic window, thereafter click “Test Audio”, check the audio now.
  9. And if you find disturbance or improper or no audio at all then click “Unable to Hear Audio”, follow the on-screen prompts and finish the Audio check step.

Use Control Panel Troubleshooter-

Here you need to go to “Control Panel” and search for “Troubleshoot Computer Problems” in your Laptop. Now a window will open up and here you need to click “Troubleshoot Audio Recording” under Hardware and Sounds.

Thereafter click “Next” and follow the on-screen prompts and if still the Microphone Not Working Issuespersist then try the next step.

Other Troubleshooting options- 

At times due to improper settings in your windows can cause the microphonenot working issues. To resolve this you need to check the sound settings and follow the below instructions:

Ensure that your microphone is connected to the laptop, now on search option type sound, a new window will pop-up and click “Recording” here.

Now the device list displays, you must find your microphone make here if it doesn’t thenright-click anywhere and enable“Show Disabled Devices” and “Show Disconnected Devices”.

Now you will see the list of disabling and disconnected devices.

If ⬇️ arrow mark is there on the screen under your microphone name that means your device is disabled, right-click on the name and select “Enable”.

And if the status displays “Currently Unavailable” then unplug the microphone and plug it again to the Laptop.

Thereafter set the microphone to the default device for audio by click “Set Default”. And now click “Properties” and afterclicking “Levels” tabyou need to scroll the External Mic bar to 70 at-least and microphone boost bar to +20dB and now save the changes.


The steps in this document will fix HP Laptop Microphone Not Working issues.This is not a major problem but the trick is to find where the actual problem exists. And if you will follow the steps as being told then this gonna be too easy for you.

To summarise you need to first check your microphone hardware, and then proceed to next step to update the audio driver of your Laptop, if you find the microphone correct. After updating the driver you can visit the HP laptop support assistant to test the audio and other settings. If you are unable to troubleshoot the Microphone Not Working Issues then contact the HP Laptop Support.