Ever experienced a troublesome Google Cloud Printer Offline Issue? Don’t worry because here, the post will enlighten the different troubleshooting fixes when encountering such issues. To know further Steps to Fix Google Cloud Printer Offline Issue, keep reading on.

How to Fix the Google Cloud Printer Offline Issue?

  • First, you need to ensure that the Printer has been turned on.
  • After this, turn it off and unplug it.
  • Now, you have to reconnect and turn it back.
  • Restarting will shut down the running processes, resulting in clearing errors or any other software malfunction the Printer might be having.

Ensure to connect the Printer to your internet connection. As a matter of fact, the Google Cloud Printer will need a live link to your internet connection. Therefore, if your Printer is disconnected for this reason, then printing would never work.

  • If you’re using a printer that is not cloud-ready, then make sure that the desktop has a live internet connection.
  • It shouldn’t be in standby, sleep, or any hibernation mode. You should also ensure that the Printer & device, both, are signed in to your Google account. 
  • You should also verify that you are sending the documents to the right Printer.

Within the Google browser and Chrome on the computer, you have to choose the following:

  • File >> Print >> Choose Printer>> choose Printer that you established previously as Google Cloud Printer
  • You will have to check out the configuration of the Printer in order to ensure that the Printer is not set to the option – Use printer offline.

Don’t forget to update the device to the most current Chrome version in order to prevent encountering any Google Cloud Printer Offline Issue. As a matter of fact, the outdated software would have the tendency to raise technical Google Cloud Printer Offline Issue. You should download and then install the most current version of the firmware of the Printer. In case the firmware of the Printer is outdated, it might prevent from connecting to the net. As a result, it can also raise further Google Cloud Printer Office Issue. What you can do is to refresh the Printer from the page. This will help in ensuring the device and that it is recognized as either the Cloud Ready Printer or Classic Printer.