To find the WPS pin on HP Printer, you don’t need too much effort, and instead, you can follow the simple steps with this guide’s help. But before that, you should know what the WPS pin is and why it is needed.

With technological advancements, the way to print has also changed. Now your printers have become smart and do not need wires. Yes, and all that happened due to wireless or WiFi printing which needs WPS pin to connect the devices to HP printer over the wireless network and print wirelessly. But from where, you can get the WPS pin?

And what is the exact process of finding it?

If you are having the same questions on your mind, then we have got the correct way to find WPS pin on HP printer. Before that, let’s know more about the WPS pin.

What is the WPS Pin?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, a method to connect devices to the printer over the wireless network. And WPS pin is a secret code which can be obtained from the printer and then entered into the desired field.

However, to use the WPS pin, you need a wireless network with WPA personal or WPA2 personal security conventions. In other words,WiFi protected setup is a remote system security standard that makes the connection quicker and simpler.

Also, the HP Printer WPS pin setup is an 8 digit code that can be generated naturally by your printer and cannot be changed by you. This pin remains valid for five minutes from the time it has been created, although you can obtain the new pin again after following the same process.

There is a predefined process to discover the WPS pin, which differs for HP printers with a touch control panel from HP printers with a simple button panel. In the further section, you will grab enough knowledge to find the pin by yourself. Let’s start the quest and locate this secret code.

How to find a WPS pin on HP printer?

Ensure you have connected your printer to WPA or WPA2 personal secured wireless network and completed the printer setup steps. The process to obtain pin differs for different Printer models; you can choose your printer type below and follow the underneath steps.

  1. WPS pin on the printer without touch control panel

If your printer does not have a touch panel,then you need to print the network configuration report from your printer. Hence firstly you should make sure:

  • Papers in the printer feeder tray.
  • And download the HP smart app on your smartphone.

Now turn on your printer and follow the steps below.

  • Firstly you need to press and hold the Wireless and Cancel button together for three seconds, and the power light will start blinking.
  • Now head over to your smartphone and connect its WiFi to your printer’s network. To do this, go to the phone’s Setting
  • Then click WiFi and click your HP printer’s nameon the device’s list.
  • If prompted for a passcode, then enter 12345678.
  • Now open the HP Smart app on your smartphone and add your printer in the app.
  • Click Printer Settings on the HP smart app.
  • Now click Printer Reports under Tool
  • You need to select Network Configuration Report from the list.
  • Now your printer will printout the report.
  • You can find the WPS pin at the beginning of the report, and it will remain valid for the next five minutes.
How to Find WPS pin on HP Printer

How to Find WPS pin on HP Printer

  1. WPS pin on a printer with touch control panel

WPS pin on HP Printer’s touch control panel can be discovered by following these simple steps.

  • Firstly, make sure your printer is Turn On and connected to your local wireless network.
  • Now click the Settings icon on your printer’s control panel.
  • Further, click Network Setup.
  • Now scroll down and select Wireless Settings.
  • To proceed further, click WiFi protected setup> click PIN.
  • Now your printer will display an 8 digit unique pin, which is suitable for the next five minutes.

And this is how you can obtain the WPS pin on HP Printer using a touch control panel or without using it. There is one more shortcut method that sometimes works well on HP printers. You can also use this methodto obtain the pin.

  1. Bonus method to acquire WPS pin
  • Make sure the printer is On and papers in the printer feeder tray.
  • Now you need to press and hold the Wireless&information (ℹ️ Button)
  • After that, your printer will automatically print the network configuration report.
  • Now you can see the WPS pin on this report. Use the pin quickly because it will expire in the next five minutes.


You can use these three methods to discover the WPS pin on HP Printer’s control panel or through a network configuration report. You can use any of them as per your convenience to connect the devices over the wireless network.

Also, keep in mind that the pin is valid for not more than five minutes, so consider using it before expiry. In case if it expires, then do not worry and follow the steps again and receive the code form your printer.

Additionally, you can call our HP Wireless Printer Customer Service Number and talk to the experts to get any help with your HP printers. Our award-winning customer support will provide you all the necessary assistance.