HP Support provides you with the best technical assistance to troubleshoot all sort of errors in your HP Products. Behind the scenes is the team of HP technical experts,who cares for you and possess deep knowledge about the product.

HP aka Hewlett Packard is an epitome of success, and HP technical support symbolises perfection and when it comes to repairing your HP products then definitely you can rely on them.Due to the prompt Customer service and proactive approach for users, HP has become a trusted and reliable brand across the globe.

To build a brand image, Customer Support plays the most important role. And this statement goes outright for HP devices, in this blog we will be explaining how to contact HP support to repair your product. If you own any of the HP productsLaptop, Desktop, Printer, Scanner or anything then this article is for you and just hang in there.

HP Customer Support-

Yes! These are the few words you need to type in your web browser to enter the HP support Webpage. The site is self-explanatoryto navigate you throughout, with all the instructionsare clearly written on the webpage.

Contact HP support and Repair HP products

Contact HP support and Repair HP products

Registering Your Product-

After buying your favourite HP product, the first and foremost thing you should do is register your product. Keep your product name or serial number handy, that is visible at the back or beneath your HP device. The steps to be followed are:

  1. On your web browser search for HP customer support.
  2. Select your country of origin from the list.
  3. On the web page click “Register Your Product”.
  4. Now you need to put in a few details, proceed further by choosing the right one from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter your product name in the block and click “Search”.
  6. Further now select your product to register from the list.
  7. Fill your personalinformation along with the purchase details of your HP product including Serial number.Or contact HP technical support for more information.
  8. Click “Finish Registration” after reviewing the HP privacy statement.

There are a lot of benefitsto registering your HP product. Some of them are pointed below:

  • Your product details willget registered with HP database and it helps to provide you with the prompt service.
  • You will be notified about how to keep your HP product in good shape.
  • Latest news about your product.

Check HP Printer Repair Status-

Now you can also check the repair status of your HP product online. This is in line with proving the best customer satisfaction, you can visit the HP Support web page and select “Check repair status of your products”.

Then in the next webpage, you will be prompted to put in a few details

  • Service order number
  • Email address or Serial number

Then you need to click “Get Status”. You will beprovided with the shipping information and the expected delivery date.

Locate a service centre-

In case you are unable to get the satisfaction from online support then you can lookout for a service centre near you from the HP support webpage itself. All you need to do is click on “Locate a service centre near you” and then fill in a few details in the boxes.

  • Your County of origin.
  • Your city, address and postal code.
  • Tick mark on Your product and then click “Search”.

With these details, you will be able to track the nearest HP service centre around you in the given diameter.


Support Tools-

Apart from the steps mentioned above, there is a vast directory of tips and tricks available on HP support site. If you are finding error in any of the HP products then you can visit the official site of HP and get the troubleshooting guide to sort out the problem in your device.


HP technical support focuses on reducing the Turn AroundTime (TAT).This is measured as the time taken to resolve the customer complaint. TAT also depends on the customer’s right information to the technical staff about the exact issue in the product.