Connecting your HP Deskjet 3639 to Wi-Fi is going to be an easy stuff for you after reading this blog, all you need to do is follow all the steps given in this article.

Step 1: Connecting the HP Deskjet 3639 printer to Wi-Fi network

To print from a personal computer, smartphone or tablet, first connect your HP Deskjet 3639 printer to a local Wi-Fi network. Before you can wirelessly print any document, you must ensure that your printer, computer or mobile device are on the same wireless network. These steps will remain same in case you changed your internet service provider or installed a new router and need to reconnect the printer.

Note: To print wirelessly use a USB cable or connect with Wi-Fi Direct, as it doesn’t work with limited guest networks in places like college , hotels etc.

Now these easy steps will make you learn to connectyour HP Deskjet 3639 printer to Wi-Fi

  1. If you receive “Enter the WPS Pin for your printer” message, click cancel in the window, and continue with following steps.
  2. Ensure placing your printer near Wi-Fi router.
  3. Turn on the printer, check proper installation of ink cartridges, and load paper in the main tray.
  4. Connect the printer to the local network.

Printers with touchscreen control panel:

  1. On the printer, Open “Wireless Settings” or “Restore Settings” menu and select “Restore Network Settings”.
  2. Get the network name (SSID) and password. For more information visit Finding Your Wireless Password.
  3. Open “Wireless settings” or “Network Setup” menu and select “Wireless Setup Wizard” and then select your network name and enter password.

Note: If “Wireless Setup Wizard” doesn’t show, select “Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS)”, select “Push Button”, and then follow the steps to connect to the network.

Printers without touchscreen control panel:

  1. On printer, press and hold the Wireless button for 5 seconds, the light will start to blink.
  2. Within 2 minutes, press and hold Wi-Fi Protected setup (WPS) button on the router, the light on printer will stop flashing when the connection is complete.

If your router doesn’t have a “WPS button”, then follow these steps: 

  1. Install HP smart app from (android, iOS), or from app store (Windows/Mac)
  2. To prepare the printer for wireless connection, follow these points

 Without Touchscreen:

  1. For most HP Printers : Press and hold “Wireless” and “Cancel”Buttons, until Wireless and Power lights blink.
  2. For HP Laser printers : Press and hold “Wireless” button, until Attention light blinks. The printer might restart.

For Tango Printers:

   Press and hold “Wireless” Button on the back of Printer for 5 seconds, until the front light flashes blue.

  1. Within 2 hours, follow the guided steps in HP smart app to add HP Deskjet 3639 Printer and set up the wireless connection.

Step 2: Connecting HP Deskjet Printer to Computer or mobile device

Start Installing HP Software/HP smart app to complete the printer connection. 

  1. Ensure computer/mobile device to be connected to strong wireless network.
  2. Visit and enter printer model name and number.
  3. Download HP printer Driver setup to your computer or mobile device.
  4. Open the software, and follow the guided procedure to complete the setup, enter PIN as password, if required.

Now after following all the instructions in this blog you will be definitely able to connect hp wireless printer customer service number or chat with professions.


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