Have you ever thought that how easy it is to connect your hp deskjet 3755 printer to Wi-Fi? hp deskjet 3755 printer is one of the best printers that are available today. With the help of the hp deskjet 3755 printer, you can start printing flawlessly.

If you are wondering with How to connect hp deskjet 3755 to Wi-Fi, then you have arrived at the right place as here we have prepared a guide that will help you to easily connect your printer with Wi-Fi. So, keep on reading to find out the easy steps that you will ever need for connecting hp deskjet 3755 to Wi-Fi.

Connecting your hp deskjet 3755 with Wi-Fi

The whole process of connecting your hp deskjet 3755 is more straight forward done than said. It can be done by anyone who has a little knowledge of computers. Here are the steps that you will need to follow;

  •  The first and foremost step that you will need to check is whether all the devices, which are the computer, printer, and the Wi-Fi are turned. And also, make sure that the computer and the printer are no more than 100 ft. apart.
  • Now, after connecting all your devices successfully, it is time for you to disconnect the USB cable, which is connected to the printer.
  • Now, after plugging out the USB cable from your printer, you will need to go to the start menu and in the search box of your start menu, type in “HP” and then press enter. This will open up a new window. And in that window, search for the printer icon and then right-click on it.
  • Now, there you will find an option that says utilities. Double left-click on it.
  • Then, a new window will open up, which will ask for a connection method for the printer. There, you will need to look for the appropriate option and then follow the on-screen instruction, and your hp deskjet 3755 will be connected to Wi-Fi. 

By applying the right troubleshooting steps from the right experts to connect hp deskjet 3755 to Wi-Fi can be helpful. We have a dedicated team to call hp support help with this process.