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We are here for all kinds of help you need for HP download and setup. Just give us a call at our HP support number, and we will be there at your service. Our experts will guide you at every step along the way, and the HP printer setup would no longer be a hassle.

HP printer customer service

Installation & Reinstallation

Get in touch with our HP printer customer service for any help you need regarding installing or reinstalling your printers. Our experienced professionals will tell you the right instructions to make the installation easy for you when you get in touch at the HP support number.

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Configure & Repair

Our HP support number does not just come in handy for setting up or installing your HP printers and related software. We are also the ones you can rely on for all kinds of configuration issues and related repairs. We will get your device up and running in no time once you call the HP support number.

HP printer setup

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We are right by your side for all kinds of HP printer troubleshooting. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will either help you over the phone or reach your location directly to resolve the issues.

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Extended Technical Support for HP Printers

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The name of HP needs no introduction in the world of printers. People have relied on it at their homes and offices for the longest time because of the quality it offers. However, at the end of the day, it is a machine and machines might give you a bit of trouble from time to time. You might even face difficulties in terms of the HP printer setup. Here are a couple of steps that should guide you on the ways to set up your home or office printer. For further assistance, you can get in touch with our HP printer customer service. We are proficient technicians who offer solutions for all kinds of printer issues that you might have. We are not affiliated to HP or any such brands and act as the third-party group for all sorts of HP help, right from installation, HP printer setup, to repairs of printers and peripherals.

Hassle-free Installation of HP Printer. Do it from any place, & at any time.

HP Printers are so much in demand because of how easy they are to use and how long they serve the users. However, for someone who has never installed a printer before, the HP printer setup might seem a tad bit tricky.

It is okay to look for support from HP printer customer service in that case, and we are right by your side for that. However, you can follow the given steps and give it a try yourself. Even if you call us in the end, at least it helps to know the process. There are three methods for HP Driver Printer setup:

  • USB Printer Installation in Mac and Windows
  • Network Printer Installation in Windows
  • Network Printer Installation in Mac

Method 1: USB Printer Installation in Windows and Mac

Your printer will come with an installation guide that you can refer to for the job. You can also log in to the manufacturer's website for further information or give us a call at the HP support number. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Start your computer.
  • Now we have to connect printer to computer.
  • Use the USB port to connect printer to your computer.
  • Once it is connected, the printer will be ready to turn on.
  • After turning on the printer, wait for some time until the OS detects the printer.
  • The printer will automatically get detected and installed by your Operating system.
  • You will receive a software along with your printer.
  • Install that software.
  • If not received any software, you can go to the printer manufacturer’s website and download the drivers.

Method 2: Network Printer Installation in Windows

The network printers are more difficult to install because they are connected directly to the network. Following the given steps would give you the right direction in this regard.

  • It starts with connecting the printer to the network, and there are two ways of doing that: wired and wireless.
    1. Wired : Use Ethernet network cables for HP printer setup. Connecting the network router and the printer through ethernet cables is the best option
    2. Wireless : If you have a display screen, use it to connect the printer through the wireless network
  • Go to the Control Panel and continue with following steps;
    1. Wired : Go to 'Devices and Printers' option and locate ‘add a printer’ option.
    2. Wireless :It is essential that your system should search and make a connection with the printer. For this, you need to select the ‘Add wireless or Bluetooth printer’ option.
    3. Wireless :A list of wireless printers will pop-up.
    4. Wireless : Choose the right option, and click on ‘next’ button.
    5. Wireless :You may see a prompt for driver installation.
    6. Wireless :If you face any technical glitch during this procedure, get the drivers installed with HP help.

Method 3: Network Printer Installation in Mac

  • It starts with connecting the printer to the network, and there are two ways of doing that: wired and wireless.
    1. Wired : Use Ethernet network cables for HP printer setup by connecting the network router and the printer
    2. Wireless : Use the display screen for connecting the printer to the wireless network. If there's no display screen, connect the printer using USB and start the configuration first in operating system X.
  • Go to the apple menu
  • Choose 'System Preferences'.
  • Selecting 'Print and Fax' option should be the next step.
  • Location '+' symbol and use it to search for new printers.
  • Once you find the right option, click add.
  • The installation for network printer will automatically take place.


Get Support for All HP Printer Models

Experts available at HP support number are capable enough to handle all models of HP Printers. Be it an old model, or a model launched yesterday, we can provide the best support. We are known for our effective and timely delivered HP printer troubleshooting methods. You can give us a call, if:

  • The HP printer is making the system run slow.
  • The printer is not getting connected to the system.
  • There are issues with the driver, scanner, or the HP printer as a whole.
  • When you feel your printer is not responding because it is infected with malware and viruses.

What can you get from our HP Printer Support?

  • Establishing Wi-Fi connection with your old/new HP printer
  • Getting low-quality printouts from the printer
  • HP scanner related issues.
  • Paper jamming issues
  • Printer networking troubles
  • Matters concerned to empty HP printer cartridge
  • HP printer troubleshooting for all versions of Windows


HP printer troubleshooting

Why people seek Technical Support for HP?

The durability and high-quality printouts are the hallmarks for HP Printers. However, the longevity of the printers depends on how well it is maintained and how it is used. And, even with all the care, issues might pop up that need you to call the HP printer support number. The important thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you delay calling the HP printer support number when the issues have just started arising, it might be too late, and the printer might completely breakdown. So, why wait too long and face the troubles when our HP printer customer service is here to help you out? We are your best bet to get rid of all HP errors.

Easy to Access HP Printer Customer Support Helpline Number

Our HP printer support number is here for you for all kinds of trouble with your HP printers. You can call us at our toll-free HP printer support number 24/7, and our certified professionals will be with you to resolve any functioning or compatibility issue you might have with your printer. So, wait no more, we are waiting for your call for HP printer setup and any other related help!

HP support number

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